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This morning, on my way home from the dentist – I needed some dental restoration, and I had not bitten the dentist – I decided to indulge myself with some Art Nouveau. It amazes me every day how much beautiful Art Nouveau architecture there actually is in my home town! Just look at the pictures I took on my 10 minute bicycle ride:

Voorstraat 180 facade Voorstraat 269 facade Voorstraat 273 facade

Wijnstraat 147 facade Stoomdrukkerij Wijnstraat 223 facade

And just because I could not get enough of it, I walked into bookstore De Bengel and bought myself some nice books about the architecture in Dordrecht. Let’s call them ‘study books’.

The fist book I bought is called ‘Dordrecht, Architectuur en Stedenbouw 1850-1940’ and the second book I bought is called ‘Architectural Guide to Dordrecht’. The second one is more or less a list of the most important monuments in town, the first book is really explaining the history of & philosophy behind the architecture of Dordrecht. I can’t wait to read this book…