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Today I intend to show an interesting building that is located in the center of Dordrecht, currently housing Greek Restaurant ‘Olympiada‘. The building was commissioned by the company Gebr. Wolff Hzn. and designed by a famous architect from Dordrecht, mr. H.A. Reus in 1906. It is again not 100% Art Nouveau design, but rather a mixture of older architectural styles with some beautiful Art Nouveau details. The object is now a listed monument, registered under number RM522315.

Groenmarkt 70, Dordrecht

One of the windows has a sandstone lintel in which a pelican is carved. On either side of the window are stone frogs. The gable has five windows with panes, a sandstone circle and a stone perlican on the top.

Sandstone Lintel with Pelican Stone Rooftop with Pelican

The repository of the drainpipe is a plaque embossed with lizards!

Drainpipe embossed with Lizards

Just one more thing I wanted to show you: The chimney-stacks. Against the left side of the gable roof we can see an interesting looking chimney-stack, made with alternating red and white brick layers. And on the high left side of the facade of the building, a similar chimney-stack joins the adjacent building in height…

Groenmarkt 70, Dordrecht Groenmarkt 70, Dordrecht

(…and that adjacent building has a beautiful stained glass window over the front-door, which I really wanted to show you!)

Groenmarkt 68, Dordrecht

There are – I am sure – many characteristics (such as the materials used, the colours) that I need to mention because they are typical for Art Nouveau architecture, but I have not figured those characteristics out yet. I am currently reading a lot about materials and techniques and I hope to be able to write about that soon. For now, please let me know if you like the building of today?