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Vrieseweg 78-80, Dordrecht by A.H. ReusFor those who read my blog regularly, the name H.A. Reus may sound familiar. I have written about Reus more than once, because he is responsible for a lot of the Art Nouveau objects in my hometown Dordrecht. One of those objects is located at Vrieseweg 78.

At a later stage, I intend to write a whole post about this object, but for now, I would just like to present to you my “find of the day” involving this building’s rooftop.

The Vrieseweg is a rather narrow street, so it is very difficult to see the rooftops of the buildings. Yesterday however, I got the opportunity to see the rooftop of Vrieseweg 78 as I visited a very tall house around the corner. I was pleasantly surprised with my find! The design reminds me of Viking ships and waves. Please share with me what you think when you see this elegant rooftop design?

I hope you’ll enjoy my “find of the day” as much as I did.

Rooftop Vrieseweg 78, Dordrecht, by H.A. Reus

Rooftop Vrieseweg 78, Dordrecht, by H.A. Reus

Ps. sorry for the grey sky. I would have preferred a blue one, but there was no ‘coming back at a sunny day’ for this shot.

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