9 thoughts on “Map Austro-Hungarian Empire ca. 1914”

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  2. You got it wrong. This map does not include Galizia region of A-H Empire. These are territories of south-east Poland and what is today’s westernmost part of Ukraine.


  3. Aleksandar Pantic said:

    Map is not correct regarding Serbia. In 1914. only northern part of Serbia (now Province of Vojvodina) was part of AH Empire.


  4. Dear Piotr and Aleksandar, I am aware that this map is not perfect. But it was the best map I could find to illustrate my blog… (I didn’t make this map). If you have suggestions for a better map, I would be glad to replace this one… Thanks for taking the time to explain the errors in the map. Olga


    • Map is total innacurate, because Romania join the war in 1916, until that time his territory was intact. Your map is valable at the end of


  5. Gabriel Was said:

    harta gresita bucuresti era in romania
    the wrong map of Bucharest was in Romania


  6. “Map is not correct regarding” Romania, too. There is no need for suggestions to find a better map. All you need is to be honest. If you do so, you will easily find the correct map for Austro-Hungarian in 1914.


  7. Lajos Varsányi said:

    Wrong map. Oltenia and Muntenia was occupied during the war, but returned to Romania when Bucharest Peace Accord has been signed. Only minor territorial changes were made in favour of AH Empire alongside the border. Same happened to Serbia (South of Belgrade), occupied for a while but it was all. Serbia never became part of the Empire. BIH is a bit different, it was occupied by the Habsburgs in 1978, and annected to the Empire in 1908, but never became integrated part of it.


  8. Dear all, the only thing I want to show with this map is, that Croatia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I found the map within a selection of maps of the Empire on this website: https://stargate-rasa.info/61757374726f/austro-hungarian-map.html As you all seem to be the experts, please tell me which map I should use instead? Which one is the most correct in your opinion? Thank you for your help!


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