Vinkovci, Croatia

Map Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914

Map Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914


Map Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914

4 thoughts on “Map Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914”

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  2. You got it wrong. This map does not include Galizia region of A-H Empire. These are territories of south-east Poland and what is today’s westernmost part of Ukraine.

  3. Aleksandar Pantic said:

    Map is not correct regarding Serbia. In 1914. only northern part of Serbia (now Province of Vojvodina) was part of AH Empire.

  4. Dear Piotr and Aleksandar, I am aware that this map is not perfect. But it was the best map I could find to illustrate my blog… (I didn’t make this map). If you have suggestions for a better map, I would be glad to replace this one… Thanks for taking the time to explain the errors in the map. Olga

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