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The origins of l'art nouveau: the Bing EmpireJust a little while ago I found this bookstore on the inernet that has some really interesting books on Art Nouveau. The book I was looking for is called “The Origins of L’Art Nouveau: The Bing Empire” by G. Weisberg, E. Becker, É. Possémé a.o. It was first published by the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) in 2004 and sold at the time for 49 euros. I couldn’d find it in the traditional bookstores anymore; on Ebay it is offered second-hand for 55~65 euros.

Bol.com is offering the book (De Oorsprong Van L’Art Nouveau in Dutch) for 45 euros; Bloemberg Boeken is offering the book (new in foil & box) for only 35 euros (plus postage). I ordered the book and it was delivered within a few days. I am very pleased with the service, and can recommend the shop to all of you Art Nouveau lovers. And the best thing is: there’s lots more where this came from!

Do you have a good address where you buy your art books? Please share!