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On the last day of this year, I want to share just one more post:
Our Find of the Year 2012!

Oranjelaan around 1920

Oranjelaan around 1920

We have been searching for over one year, and now we have finally found our new family home! Papers are already signed, we are waiting for the keys. It’s the right house with the turret and veranda, built in 1913. Many of the original Art Nouveau details are still there, and we plan to restore the ones that have been removed over the past 100 years.

I am totally in love with the thought of living in this old house together, giving our 3 children each their own room, and decorating all rooms with love. I can almost smell the flavours coming from our kitchen as there seems to be a pie in the oven. And I can hear the tinkling of glasses during our endless dinner parties with our best friends; I can even imagine our future grand-children running around in this house! Don’t you just love it too!?!

Best wishes for a New Year filled with warmth, peace, and cherished memories!