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Schiedamsesingel 163-165, Rotterdam Schiedamsesingel 161-163, Rotterdam

If it weren’t for the car-navigation system, we would never have come across the Art Nouveau gems that we discovered today. What a feast for the eye are these three houses at Schiedamsesingel 161-165.

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

According to the little information available on the internet, the houses were built in 1901 by “D. van Ameijden van Duijm & Zn.” which is confirmed by the signature stone.

D. van Ameijden van Duijm & Zn

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

However, “D. van Ameijden van Duijm & Zn.” is the name of a family business, and not necessarily the name of the architect. There were three generations of architects Van Ameijden van Duijm involved in the family business, but I can’t find out their first names. One source mentions Aart van Ameijden van Duijm as architect of these houses, while another source states that Dirk Pieter van Ameijden van Duijm is the architect. And that is about the best information I can find about the designer of these beautiful Art Nouveau buildings…

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

Not giving in too easily, I tried to figure out the genealogy of this family. If the files mention a profession, or an address, I’ll figure it out by myself, I thought. But as many of the relatives (brothers, sons, cousins & nephews) have the same first name, it remains a complete mystery to me who actually designed Schiedamsesingel 161-165. If anyone knows the final answer, please let me know because I can’t stand the fact that I can’t get to the bottom of this!

IMG_6400b Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

In the mean time, I will not enjoy these buildings any less! I have taken heaps of pictures which you can all click on to enlarge. This is what Art Nouveau is all about! Asymmetry, flowing lines, whiplashes, floral patterns, stained glass windows, ceramic tile panels and wrought iron on the balconies… The whole shebang.

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam

The inside must be spectacular as well, as you can see from the old picture below which I found on the web-site of the lawyers that have inhabited the building since the 1940s.

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam (1950)

Schiedamsesingel 165, Rotterdam (1950)

Window, Stained Glass, Art Nouveau Window, Stained Glass, Art Nouveau

Stained Glass Windows, Art Nouveau, Rotterdam

There are a lot more pictures of the stained-glass windows, from the inside, if you click here.

All pictures are of Schiedamsesingel 165. The pictures of the other two houses (at 161-163) will follow later.

Schiedamsesingel 161-163 are registered municipal monuments with number E-315. Schiedamsesingel 165 is a registered with number E-028.

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