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Oranjelaan around 1920

Oranjelaan around 1920

In december 2012 I wrote about our ‘Find of the year’, our new 1913 Art Nouveau family home. Two weeks ago we finally got the keys and now we are very busy with all the things one has to do when buying an old house: selecting a new kitchen, picking a new bathroom, painting doors, having the roof checked by a professional roofer, ordering solar panels, taking down dirty wallpaper, repairing the walls, removing dirty carpet, getting the lead pipes replaced and a new heating system installed etc. etc. etc…

Wallpaper layersIt was surprising to find that there were up to 6 layers of wallpaper in some of the rooms, including the original wallpapers from 1913! Realising these old wallpapers are a rather exceptional discovery, I contact a lady from the local preservation office who came rushing over the same night. Together we walked through every room and collected samples of all wallpapers, except for the one with the blue flowers in the living room which we will not be able to remove without destroying…

Now remember, this is 100 years of wallpaper design stacked, and only the oldest ones are interesting to me! Carefully I removed the 5 ‘newer’ layers in order to be able to see the oldest layer… and this is what I found so far:

Art_Nouveau_Wallpaper-001 Art_Nouveau_Wallpaper-002

Art_Nouveau_Wallpaper-004 Art-Nouveau_Wallpaper-005

The wallpaper with the blue flowers is definitely my favorite!


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