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Alphonse Mucha : “The Nature”, 1899-1900.

Alphonse Mucha : “The Nature”,
Photo : Bruno Piazza (Gillion Crowet)

In december 2012, a friend mailed me an article about a new Art Nouveau museum in Brussels. According to the article, the museum would open it’s doors on 7 May 2013. But today, planning a trip to Brussels for the weekend, I looked up the website of the museum only to find out that it will not open until the beginning of December 2013! I can’t help but feeling a bit disappointed… I was so much looking forward to go there!

According to the website of the museum, they are going to have many famous Art Nouveau artists on display, including Victor Horta and Henry Van de Velde. Art Nouveau architecture will be evoked by means of a 3D projection. The museum will be distinguished by its multidisciplinary nature, through a partnership with the Royal Library, the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, the Royal Museums of Art and History, Cinematek and the Brussels Capital Region for housing the Gillion Crowet collection, which will be one of the museum’s highlights (Ms. Anne-Marie Crowet collected more than 200 Art Nouveau objects during her life).

So tomorrow we’ll have to do without this new and promising museum, but I’m sure there will be more than enough to see. And I’ll have an excuse to go back to beautiful Brussels in December.

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Fin-de-Siècle Museum Brussels
Fin-de-Siècle Museum Brussels
Pictures from the exhibition

Fin de Siecle Museum Brussels