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Open Monumenten Dagen 2013After a stroll through the old town of Dordrecht yesterday, we stopped at an antiques store to look at some chandeliers. I was very happy to find a pile of Art Nouveau tiles there as well. Tiles that I actually recognised and wrote about a while ago. It made me realise that whilst I hardly knew anything about Art Nouveau when I started this blog – my Journey into getting to know Art Nouveau – barely one year later I can actually recognise these tiles (designed by J.P. van den Bosch, and produced at Plateelbakkerij Holland, Utrecht between 1898 and 1900) in an antiques store!

A few shops down the road I found another pile: guidebooks for the upcoming ‘Open Monumentendagen’ event (Open Monument Days) in Dordrecht. The event is going to take place on 14 & 15 September 2013, all over the country actually, and finding these booklets gives me a chance to prepare my visit to the open Art Nouveau monuments that are closed on other days…

The following monuments are relevant for our ‘Journey into getting to know Art Nouveau’:

Nr* Object Name Address Remarks
3 Boumanhuis GGZ Kuipershaven 40 1903, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
18 Schaeffer Galerie Groenmarkt 78-80 1916, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
25 Huis Cronenburgh Wijnstraat 134 1906, Architect B. van Bilderbeek
30 Galerie Zijderzin Voorstraat 25 Art Nouveau Shop Entrance
31 Music Store Get Back Voorstraat 18 1919, Art Nouveau Shop Front & Interior
35 SBK Dordrecht Voorstraat 180 1902, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
42 Spaar Bank Johan de Wittstraat 2 1912, Art Nouveau Elements
44 Remonstrantse Kerk Cornelis de Wittstraat 28 1901, Architect H.A. Reus
48 St. Antonius Kerk Burg. de Raadtsingel 45 Art Nouveau altar by August van Os
71 Twentse Bank Wijnstraat 239 1904, Architect H.A. Reus
72 Huis Rodenburgh Wijnstraat 153 1920 renovation by Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
(* Numbers are corresponding with the numbers in the guidebook)
Voorstraat 18, Dordrecht

Voorstraat 18, Dordrecht

Openmonumentendag in Dordrecht
Guidebook Open Monumentendagen Dordrecht