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Spectacular Art Nouveau pictures in my mailbox!

One of my readers – Ron Conijn – went to Belgium for a few days and just sent me a present: lots, and lots of pictures! And the good thing is, he allowed me to share his beautiful pictures with you. Thank you very much Ron!

17 Rue de Sélys, Liège

17 Rue de Sélys, Liège
Architect Victor Rogister

The House Piot (also called House of Freemasons) is probably one of the most successful achievements of Art Nouveau in the city of Liège. Its facade is dated 1904.

It is the work of architect Victor Rogister (born 10 January 1874 in Verviers and died 23 June 1955 in Liège), one of the best representatives of the Art Nouveau in Liège.

The sculptures were made by Oscar Berchmans (Born in 1869 in Liège – died in 1950 in Spa).

The work of Victor Rogister is a floral kind of Art Nouveau, similar to what was initiated by Victor Horta (1861-1847) in Brussels, as opposed to the geometric kind initiated by Paul Hankar (1859-1901).

According to the information on the French wiki pages, the owl and rooster on the carved heads of the two beautiful young women are symbols of day and night.

If you would like to know more about this building, or about its architect Victor Rogister, please click on either of the below wiki-links. I hope you can read French!

Water colour painting Maison Piot

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