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As usual, I stumbled upon this ‘find of the day’ completely by accident. I am actually searching the net for an Art Nouveau fire-place for our new home and the most beautiful items come up, except for that one fire-place…

Anyways, todays ‘find of the day’ is a rather unusual object: it’s a block of stamps from 1977.

Jugendstil stamps 1977 Block 14

75 Jahre Jugendstil in Deutschland (Blocknummer 14)

The stamps were designed by Peter Steiner, and issued on 16 February 1977 to commemorate 75 years of Jugendstil in Germany. That automatically implies that Germany considers Jugendstil to have started in 1902. I wonder why they chose that particular year… Anyone?

The value of the stamps was 30 Pfennig, 70 Pfennig and 90 Pfennig, a Pfennig being 1/100 of the German Mark. However, since the introduction of the euro as the single European currency on 1 January 2002, these stamps can no longer be used. They issued 11.125.000 blocks and there are still many available, even in mint condition.

When I was little, my father and I used to collect stamps. I remember us spreading our books and newly gathered stamps all over the dinner table on rainy afternoons. My father was happy when he found a stamp that had been missing from his collection and I – being so young – basically just enjoyed the beautiful pictures on stamps of exotic places. And today, after more than 35 years, a pretty stamp can still make my heart go a little faster. So, even though I am not collecting stamps anymore, I bought myself this perfect block for €1,09 (and that was including €0,64 postage!). Just because I can. And because that little piece of paper makes me happy!

Do I feel a new collection coming up?

Wikipage Briefmarken-Jahrgang 1977 der Deutschen Bundespost