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I had already been expecting the announcement for a couple of days, and today it actually came… 10 June 2015 we are going to celebrate the 3rd World Art Nouveau Day!


Art Nouveau Selfie Contest 2014
Spuiweg 176-180, Dordrecht

Last year, Réseau Art Nouveau Network (RANN) organised an Art Nouveau Selfie Contest, and this year they’re going to organise a contest again. No selfies though…

For this 3rd edition of World Art Nouveau Day, we are all invited to share our vision of:

Women in Art Nouveau

How to participate in the competition? Select a picture of a woman you consider influential as an artist, or as a muse. Or, select a piece of art which represents an influential woman in the Art Nouveau movement. Anything is possible.

Send your photo to info@artnouveau-net.eu before the 9th of June 2015. Please mention the name of the artwork, the name of the artist, the location (place / city), date and ©Copyright information.

Bertha Lum (1869 – 1954)

Bertha Lum

My personal favourite woman in Art Nouveau is, without a doubt, Bertha Lum (1869-1954) as she is absolutely exemplary of the female artists during the Fin-de-Siècle. Bertha went to Japan, mastered Japanese woodblock printing techniques and produced magnificent Art Nouveau prints.

1912 Cherry blossoms - Bertha Lum 1912 Peter - Bertha Lum 1912 Two Children - Bertha Lum

All submitted photo’s will be published on 10 June 2015 on Facebook, and subject to voting. Then, two prizes will be awarded:

  1. “the Internet Community’s Prize” for the picture that received most likes
  2. “the Jury’s Prize” awarded by the RANN office for originality and link to the theme

If your photo is among the ten most liked pictures, The Réseau Art Nouveau Network has a surprise for you!

Good Luck everyone!

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