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Excellent news this week; it’s finally going to happen!


I am going to Barcelona!

Book Antoni Gaudi by Rainer ZerbstThree years ago, in my very first blog post, I wrote that “I learned about Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), bought a beautiful book about his work and told myself I could go to Barcelona only after I finish reading the whole book… Well, Barcelona is still on my bucket list, but I’m sure I will be able to read the book within the coming year or so!”

I still haven’t read the book…

Three days ago I received an e-mail from Lluís Bosch, editor of the magazine coupDefouet and head of the Executive Team of the 2nd coupDefouet International Congress on Art Nouveau. He invited me to come to Barcelona and attend the Congress as a member of the press.

Now I have to read the book.

And the thing is, a few weeks ago, the Art Nouveau Club (which belongs to the same organisation) sent me a whole series of guide books about Art Nouveau in Barcelona. I would love to read them all before I go, but I only have 3 weeks! Impossible.

Barcelona Art Nouveau Guide Books

So I’ll stick to my original plan… I’m going to read the book.

The 2nd coupDefouet International Congress

The Art Nouveau European Route is a non-profit association of local governments and non-governmental institutions that have joined together in a collective commitment to develop useful and efficient mechanisms for the international promotion and protection of Art Nouveau heritage. The Route publishes the coupDefouet magazine, with content contributed by its members.


To fully explore the value of Art Nouveau heritage a Congress is organised every two years. This year’s edition will shed new light on an aspect that has been studied very little, if at all: the important contribution of women to the development of Art Nouveau. Women as artists, women as muses, women as promoters and protagonists of Art Nouveau. Also the female aesthetic and ideal in Art Nouveau will be reviewed. And third, the congress will focus on little-known Art Nouveau cities that have not yet been getting much attention.

The program looks promising. I am particularly looking forward to Strand 3. The New Frontiers: Unveiling Art Nouveau Cities. For instance Adela Ramona Novicov’s Oradea – The Ultimate Geometric Art Nouveau Outpost. I also hope that Alison Brown’s paper Re-evaluating ‘The Glasgow Girls’: A timeline of Early Emancipation at the Glasgow School of Art and Julija Lozzi-Barković’ paper Art Nouveau Architecture in Rijeka – Between the Central European and the Mediterranean Cultural Circles will be ready in time.

That’s it for now… I have to do some serious reading tonight!

Antoni Gaudi by Rainer Zerbst
Art Nouveau Club
Coup de Fouet, all Magazines in PDF
Coup de Fouet, the International Congress