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Today was actually the first day of the II coupDefouet International Congress. Subject of the todays papers was Breaking the Art Nouveau Glass Ceiling: The Women of Art Nouveau. You can download all papers that have been discussed today here.

Keynote Speech II coupDefouet International Congress

Keynote Speech II coupDefouet International Congress

Judith Rohrer (Associate Professor of Art History at the Emory College of Arts and Sciences in Atlanta) delivered the keynote speech Before we Break the Glass Ceiling, let’s find out who designed it! Thoughts on Women and Art Nouveau.

The papers that I personally found most interesting were these ones:

  • Mario Baeck – An Unexpected Wonder: the Art Nouveau Winter Garden of the Ursuline Institute in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver (Belgium)
  • Alison Brown – Re-evaluating ‘The Glasgow Girls’: A timeline of Early Emancipation at the Glasgow School of Art
  • Magdalena Długosz – Art Nouveau Designs and Weaving Work of Wanda Bibrowicz-Wislicenus
  • David A. Hill – Mary Seaton Watts and the Watts Mortuary Chapel
  • Renja Suominen-Kokkonen – Art Nouveau and Finnish Women Architects: Wivi Lönn – A Case Study
  • Marikit Taylor – Pine Trees, Pinecones and Gentians: While the Boys were Playing, Marie-Louise Goering was Silently Redesigning La Chaux-de-Fonds

After a long yet absolutely interesting day, we moved to the Güell Pavilions for the fun part of the program, dinner and a Jazz concert!

Entrance Gate of Güell Pavilions

Entrance Gate of Güell Pavilions

We first got a few presentations inside the former stables of the Güell Pavilions. However, as it was still 30 degrees, they kept the presentations as short as possible.

The presentations basically explained that the Güell Pavilions, which belong to the Barcelona University, have not been maintained very well over the years and need a restoration rather badly. The University has asked the World Monuments Fund for assistance and fortunately their request was granted.

An interesting project that is developed parallel is an App called Modernismo Invisible. This app will suggest alternative routes along lesser- and unknown Art Nouveau architecture, between the widely known Art Nouveau monuments in Barcelona. Idea behind this App is to spread the large crowds that currently move from one monument to the next monument. And besides unburdening the main routes, the App will also draw attention to smaller gems that are definitely worth discovering but would otherwise be neglected. I have asked the developer to inform me as soon as the App is live so I can add it to my App page for you.

The above 3 pictures should give you an idea of the current state of the Güell Pavilions.

Outside in the gardens (remember is was still 30 degrees!), a lovely buffet was prepared for us, creating the perfect opportunity to mingle and meet new people. And while doing so I realised that anyone who is involved in Art Nouveau really needs to participate or at least be present at this congress.

I would like to conclude todays report with a few pictures of the magnificent gate Antoni Gaudí made for the Güell Pavilions, the Dragon Gate.

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cover page 2016 gaudi calendar

After this trip I have produced a 2018 Calendar with some of my photo’s of Gaudí’s beautiful architecture. You can see, and order my calendar when you click here.