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After my first post about an accidental find of Jugendstil stamps, I got a bit carried away. I started searching for what else is available and I found much more than I could have ever imagined! Thus I wrote a second post about my discoveries. And by the time that second post was finished, I was hooked!

Last week I discovered that the Dutch mail company PostNL in 2001 issued a series of stamps related to Nieuwe Kunst, the Dutch ‘flavour’ of Art Nouveau. I found them absolutely wonderful and I just had to have them. And you know what? Searching for the best deal on a series in mint condition, the story even got better. It turned out that Davo (a publishing company that produces books related to stamp collecting) issued a complete book about this series!

Back in 2001, the book could be ordered with or without stamps; today, you can only order the version without stamps. But of course I wanted a complete book, so I found myself a secondhand copy, with stamps. The stamps are in mint condition, I only paid €5 for the set, and I am a very happy woman!

Cover Theme Book Nieuwe Kunst 1890-1910

Theme Book Nieuwe Kunst 1890-1910

Now for those of you who can read Dutch, I have tried to photograph a few pages to give you an impression. But you can still order the book at the Davo webshop. And as the stamps date from before the introduction of the Euro they can no longer be used; so they are widely available on the internet, and at fairly low prices too. Therefore, I recommend you get hold of your own copy while you can, and indulge yourself. I find this book an absolute gem!

When I was little, my dad and I used to collect stamps. When I was a teenager, stamps were no longer ‘cool’. But now, after 35 years, I am officially a stamp collector again! Yeah!

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