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Open Monumenten Dagen 2015In less than two weeks, Dordrecht is participating again in the biggest heritage event of the year. Dordrecht Marketing has sent me the new brochure; we can start our preparations. This year though, the format of the brochure has changed. It is no longer printed specifically for the upcoming Heritage Open Days; It is merely an all-purpose booklet with roughly 70 of our most important monuments. For the Heritage Open Days, yet another leaflet will be printed which includes a map and a list of all activities that will take place in the second weekend in September, the so called ‘Open Monumentendagen’.

I have studied the list and noticed that some of the monuments I visited in previous years are no longer participating while only one potentially interesting monument has been added.

Huis Cronenburch © Copyright Huib Kooyker

Huis Cronenburch © Copyright Huib Kooyker

The most important monument missing this year is ‘t Huys Cronenburch (1907), at Wijnstraat 134. It was part of the program two years ago, but only with a limited number of guided tours. I was one of the lucky people who got to see the inside. Another lacking monument is Gallery Schaeffer (1916), at Groenmarkt 78-80. The interior isn’t particularly spectacular, but it is still a shame that you can’t see it. However, if you are here already, you must go see the outside; I personally find the stone facade of the building stunningly beautiful.

'Gallery Schaeffer', Groenmarkt 78-80, Dordrecht

‘Gallery Schaeffer’, Groenmarkt 78-80, Dordrecht

New on the list is the Ambachtsschool, designed in 1913 by B. van Bilderbeek and built in 1918/19. This school has been obsolete for quite a few years and is currently being transformed into an apartment building. I absolutely want to go and see the inside of the building as this might be the last chance. Once the apartments are ready, I don’t expect to be able to get inside again.

Ambachtsschool, Reeweg Oost 123 Dordrecht

Ambachtsschool, Reeweg Oost 123, Dordrecht

The following list contains the monuments that I find relevant on our ‘Journey into getting to know Art Nouveau’. For your convenience, I have hyperlinked the addresses that I have previously written about. In case you don’t have enough time to visit all these monuments, you might want to skip numbers 29, 46 and 67.

Nr* Object Name Address Remarks
01 Ambachtsschool Reeweg Oost 123 1913-1918, Architect B. van Bilderbeek
02 St. Antonius Kerk Burg. de Raadtsingel 45 Art Nouveau altar by August van Os
15 Distillery Rutte & Zn. Vriesestraat 130 Shop front 1903-1905, Architect unknown
29 Huys Roodenburch Wijnstraat 153 1920 renovation by Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
36 Boumanhuis GGZ Kuipershaven 40 1903, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
40 Spaar Bank Johan de Wittstraat 2 1912, Art Nouveau Elements
46 In Vino Veritas Binnen Walevest 157 1899, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
54 Remonstrantse Kerk Cornelis de Wittstraat 28 1901, Architect H.A. Reus
56 SBK Dordrecht Voorstraat 180 1902, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
60 Stadhuis Stadhuisplein 1 1912-1921, Kennedyzaal
67 Villa Beukenhof Singel 87 ±1895, Garden Cupola with Jugendstil elements
Gallery Schaeffer Groenmarkt 78-80 1916, Architect C.J.J. Tenenti
Atelier Gerhard Lentink Wijnstraat 119 1906, Architect unknown
(* Numbers are corresponding with the numbers in the guidebook)

The event, a national event, takes place on 12 & 13 September 2015. Most of the monuments are otherwise closed for public, therefore this event is a unique opportunity to see some spectacular heritage sites. I hope my list can help you prepare and enjoy the 2015 Heritage Open Days in Dordrecht!

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Openmonumentendag Dordrecht
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