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I know it’s only little over a year ago that I tweeted I was afraid to admit that I didn’t particularly like Klimt’s work. Guess Klimt has to grow on you, because today I can’t imagine why I said that…


During the radio show Met het Oog op Morgen, museum director Benno Tempel of the Gemeente Museum in The Hague announced that Gustav Klimt’s beautiful painting Judith I will be coming to The Netherlands in 2016.

When I look at this painting now, I can only feel sheer admiration. I love how the Japanese influence is visible in all it’s details… Just look at it!

Gustav Klimt Judith I, 1901

Wikimedia commons

“This is a dream come true,” said Tempel. He explained it was very difficult to get a Klimt painting to a museum in the Netherlands. “Klimt is still a painter you associate with Vienna. And since there are only a few of his paintings in that city, Austria has not been eager to lend a Klimt.”

The display of Judith I is made possible due to an earlier exchange. The Gemeente Museum lent a work by Egon Schiele to the Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere this year.

Judith I, oil on canvas, is one of Klimt’s most famous paintings. He painted it in 1901. Judith is a Biblical figure. She is posing with the head of General Holofernes whom she beheaded. The painting is typical of the style of Klimt. He often portrayed female figures in gold tones.

The exhibition will be small. “This painting is so beautiful, you don’t need to add much to create an exhibition.”

The painting Judith I will be on display from 19 March 2016. In the mean time, I recommend you enjoy this documentary about another famous Klimt painting: Adele Bloch-Bauer I.

Or maybe you would like to watch this movie about Klimt’s life? It lasts 2,5 hours!!!

Met het oog op morgen – Museumlandlandschap 2016‘ (from 29:30 min)
Gemeente Museum The Hague