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Poster Internationale Art Deco & Design BeursI have not had this much fun in a long time! The International Art Deco & Design Fair was exceptional. Lots of interesting concepts, and múch more Art Nouveau than in previous years. If you have the time tomorrow, go to the fair while you can. Satisfaction guaranteed.

First booth I visited was Antes Art 1900 by Rachel Reijers. She was só busy during the PAN Amsterdam that we didn’t get to talk then. But we made up for it this time!

I asked Rachel to show me some special objects to share with you. Her first suggestion was a plaster statue of Yvette Guilbert by Leonette Capiello. Capiello was known for his caricatures of actors for Magazines like Le Rire, as well as for his posters. But he also worked as a decorative artist. Besides this statue of Yvette Guilbert, who was a famous singer and actress in fin-de-siècle Paris, he also made statues of Jeanne Granier and Réjane. There are only a few of these statues known today; they are in the collections of the Musée Carnavalet and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Plaster statue Yvette Guilbert Yvette Guilbert by Toulouse Lautrec

Another interesting object we chose to show you was this 1922 portfolio ‘Une Cité Moderne’ by Robert Mallet Stevens (1886-1945). The portfolio includes 32 designs for public buildings and houses from the period 1917-1921. I found it fascinating to see that this French architect designed buildings that remind me most of German and Austrian architecture.

Next, I stopped at Apollo Art Books from The Hague to ask what they had in store for us. Well, it turned out the owner of this book shop loves Art Nouveau pottery. And not only does he sell books about pottery, he also sells the real stuff!

Apollo Art Books The Hague

Bob Shimanovich (Berlin) showed me some excellent bronze reliefs from Darmstadt and a beautiful galvanoplastic Val St lambert bowl by Leon Ledru (of which I didn’t get a photo with lid) that shows a clear influence from Japan.

Next treat came from Art Deco Glass Amsterdam. Owner Huib Kneepkens was more than kind and showed me some of his most beautiful Art Nouveau objects. He told me a lot about them and let me photograph them outside their glass protection. The items we selected to share with you are made by Legras, Verreries & Cristalleries de St. Denis. First item is signed ‘Mont Joye’ and dates from around 1898.

Legras often produced glass for silversmith Victor Saglier too. The second item is a charming example of their cooperation I think: a glass jar mounted in a silver fitting with lid. The jar dates from between 1900 and 1910. Both items are decorated with delicious chestnuts.

Another art dealer that showed some excellent skills for picking just the right objects, was English Kirsty Lewis from Dis-Cern. Her displays were very stylish I thought. Lovely selection of Art Nouveau objects!

At Zanida, I had a serious problem. I didn’t know where to start looking, what to photograph. The mind-boggling number of stunningly beautiful objects was just overwhelming. Owner Daan Sely sure has good taste!

Zanida Art Nouveau Metalwork

Daan shared his booth with Les Hall from Hall-Bakker Decorative Arts, Woodstock, UK. And Les had equally beautiful objects. I particularly liked the blue of his ceramics by Carl Sigmund Luber, from Schwartz Nuremberg, Germany.

Carl Sigmund Luber mantel clock Carl Sigmund Luber Vase

I made a deal with Daan: I will prepare a story about one of the manufacturers he was showing. And he’ll send me the pictures of the objects by this manufacturer in his collection. We’re not going to tell you yet which manufacturer we picked. But since we both have a soft spot for his uncommon designs, it’ll be something special. That’s a promise.

Next, I had an interesting encounter with Nico van Eijk, a former florist turned antiques dealer. What a refreshing concept! I never realised só evidently that we are looking at flower vases and plant pots when we look at antique vases and so-called ‘cachepot’. The trick, Nico explained to me, is a silicone innerpot to protect the antique outer pot. And then you can actually use your cachepot the way it was supposed to be used. I love it!

I talked with Tiny Esveld about her exciting plans for 2016. More details will follow later. And last but not least, I met with Julia Ergaeva from Art Nouveau Travel. She was born in Riga, studied architecture in Moscow, and now runs a travel agency in The Netherlands. Julia and I are going to do great things together! Keep an eye on this blog for more information soon.

And there was só much more to see! Below some more random objects. Just click on a photo for the name of the exhibitor. I had an excellent day at the fair. Much better than last time I visited, in 2014. You still have the opportunity to visit the fair: doors open tomorrow morning at 11 AM. I would love to hear what you liked best.

The International Art Deco & Design Fair will be held for the 18th time at the Grote Kerk in The Hague, The Netherlands, from Thursday 14 – Sunday 17, 2016

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