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Emile Gallé, lampe Ombelles, Musée de l'Ecole de Nancy, ca. 1902“Jugendstil, Modern Style, Glasgow Style, Sezessionstil, Nieuwe Kunst, Stile Liberty, Modernisme, Ecole de Nancy, Style Sapin… these are all terms relating to “Art Nouveau” that spread throughout Europe and beyond at the turn of the XXth century. This innovative artistic movement, driven by a particular set of aesthetic ideals and an enthusiasm for modernity, left a rich, highly celebrated yet fragile heritage, which is at risk of being lost.

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network (RANN), composed of institutions and experts from European Art Nouveau cities, was formed in 1999 to study, promote and help protect Art Nouveau heritage so it can endure for future generations to enjoy. We undertake a wide range of activities including exhibitions, publications, conferences and cultural exchanges aimed at adults, children, neophytes, researchers and professionals.”

This is the introductory text on a flyer that was just released by the RANN to recruit new ‘friends’.


Coming April, the RANN is organising a seminar for its official members, as well as it’s friends, in Glasgow. And guess who’s going?!? 

The provisional program of the seminar:

20/4 Board Meeting and Project Meetings ‘Inside Art Nouveau’, ‘Art Nouveau Schools’ and ‘Art Nouveau Atlas’ (Internal meetings)

Seminar ‘The Mackintosh Library – Reflections, Recovery, Restoration and Research

The Lighthouse

Glasgow School of Art

21/4 Seminar RANN members & friends ‘Art Nouveau Interiors: a First Overview’ The Lighthouse
22/4 International Public Seminar ‘The Conservation of Historic Interiors Glasgow School of Art
23/4 General Assembly The Lighthouse
24/4 Visit to the Hill House Helensburgh
Mackintosh’s trademark motifs can be seen everywhere at The Hill House

Mackintosh’s trademark motifs can be seen everywhere at The Hill House ©The National Trust for Scotland

The public seminar (22/4) is organised by Glasgow Mackintosh in association with the GSA and Réseau Art Nouveau Network and features speakers from the UK and wider Europe, plus panel discussions. The theme for the event is the conservation and restoration of historic interiors, in the context of current repair work at the GSA’s Mackintosh-designed building following the major fire in 2014.

Glasgow School of Art Library

GSA Library before the fire | Courtesy of Glasgow School of Art

With my new company Maison l’Art Nouveau specialising in Art Nouveau Architecture and Interior, I am awfully excited about the project theme the RANN has chosen for the coming years! For the people who can’t attend the seminar, I’ll be reporting on a daily basis as I did from Barcelona. Preferably, I’ll meet you there in person, because you joined the Réseau Art Nouveau Network! After all, being a RANN Friend, you do not only enjoy a range of unique benefits (visits, publications, discounts etc.); you will also be making an important contribution to preserving Art Nouveau heritage for the future.

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