Those who follow my blog must have noticed that I haven’t written a post in quite a while. I’m sorry! It’s not writer’s block, or a lack of subjects… In fact I have my subjects lined up for several months ahead. The problem is that my life is só busy at the moment, I simply can’t find the time to sit down and write! But I’ll make it up to you soon. Promise!

There’s one announcement I have to share with you now though, and this is why: The Hague is hosting a splendid Art Nouveau event this weekend and the weekend after.

De Haagse Salon – Summer Expo 2016

De Haagse Salon is an initiative of three specialized Art Nouveau & Art Deco dealers, completely inspired by the 19th century French ‘Salons’.

  • Jaap Nieuwenhuizen Segaar (Kunsthandel Nieuwenhuizen Segaar) was born into a family of art dealers and started his own gallery in 1988, with an emphasis on the applied arts of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period. Jaap is specialized in Austrian and Dutch architectural furniture for example by Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, Theo Nieuwenhuis, H.P. Berlage and C.A. Lion Cachet. Jaap is also a renowned furniture restorer.
Haagse Salon March 2016

Haagse Salon March 2016

  • Marc Knook started his art gallery Proportio Divina in 2004. The gallery is located in an Art Nouveau building in Arnhem. Mark specializes in Dutch Art Nouveau earthenware, sculptures and egg-shell porcelain from “Rozenburg Den Haag”.
Egg shell porcelain from “Rozenburg Den Haag”

Egg Shell Porcelain from “Rozenburg Den Haag”

  • Rachel Reijers March 2016Rachel Reijers (Antes Art 1900) has been collecting European Art Nouveau and Art Deco for more than twenty-five years, with an emphasis on French art glass from the turn of the 19th to 20th century. Over the years Antes Art 1900 has become a virtual gallery yet her collection can be found at the best of Art Fairs. I have actually written about one of my encounters with Rachel at the International Art Deco & Design Fair last January.

When these ‘three musketeers’ of the Dutch Art Nouveau scene organized their previous Haagse Salon in March, I indulged myself and took lots of pictures. Take a look at my selection of what I thought their most exquisite pieces…

So, even if you were nót planning on visiting the Haagsche Kunst- en Antiekdagen this weekend, you now have a perfect reason to go to The Hague anyways. Spoil yourself with a visit to the Haagse Salon, and then… off to Scheveningen Beach; it promises to be a perfect weekend for it!

Scheveningen beach and the 'Kurhaus' 1900

Scheveningen beach and ‘Kurhaus’ 1900

De Haagse Salon Zomer Expo 2016 – Laan van Meerdervoort 41 – The Hague
Friday 26/8 (15:00 -19:00), Saturday 27/8 & Sunday 28/8 (11:00 – 19:00)
Saturday 3/9 & Sunday 4/9 (11:00 – 19:00)

Poster Haagse Salon Zomer Expo 2016

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