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Usually, I don’t re-blog posts from other bloggers. But this time, I feel it is justifiable to make an exception.
Two weeks ago, Claude Mandraut, a French journalist who blogs about architecture and tourism, asked me if she could interview me about my Journey into discovering Art Nouveau. She asked me a lot of interesting questions, and made me think about how Art Nouveau has changed my life in the last couple of years. And Art Nouveau díd change my life! How? That is for you to discover in Claude’s interview. It was an interesting experience to work with Claude. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview too.

City Breaks AAA+

About Art Nouveau est un blog qui marie l’Art nouveau et les voyages. C’est une invitation à la découverte. Esthétique et très bien documenté, ce blog est d’une rare richesse. J’ai eu envie de découvrir la personne qui avait imaginé et créé ce guide passionnant. Rencontre avec une femme de conviction.

Olga Harmsen la créatrice du blog About Art NouveauOlga Harmsen, la créatrice du blog About Art Nouveau.

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