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If you have been following my blog for a few years, you may remember my trip to Barcelona in 2015. I had the best Art-Nouveau-week of my life at the Coup de Fouet Art Nouveau Congress! Lluís Bosch, head of the organising committee, had invited me to come to Barcelona and blog about the congress. Of course I said yes. And boy, was I glad I did!

Excursion to Casa Navas Guided tour by Sílvia Vilarroya

Besides amazing days filled with dozens of academic lectures about the 4 topics of the congress, we visited all Art Nouveau museums in Barcelona. We went on excursions to Reus and Terrassa, and had private guided tours in buildings were you would normally not get inside. I met the most fantastic group of Art Nouveau enthusiasts from all over the world, and remember having delicious meals together. We even enjoyed a jazz concert at Güell Pavilions and a sultry night at the rooftop of Casa Milá. (If you don’t remember, you can read my blogs about that week in Barcelona here.)

III coupDefouet International Congress 2018 logo

III coupDefouet International Congress 2018

The good news is: there will be a 3rd Coup de Fouet Congress from 27-30 june 2018!!! At the moment, the call for papers is open. Anyone can submit a paper to the consideration of the Scientific Committee until 15 December 2017. Until that date you can also register your early bird ticket for €150,-. And that’s a bargain considering your ticket includes not only your attendance to all scientific sessions; it also includes coffee-breaks and official meals as well as the option to participate in all the off-Congress cultural and entertainment activities.

Benjamin Herman Trio

At the moment, the program is not yet fixed. But in due time, I will update below information with new details.

Date Activity Location
24-6 Arrival Barcelona
27-6 Opening conference by Teresa Montserrat Sala
City Poetics in the Art Nouveau Period
Facultat de Geography & History, University of Barcelona
Catalonia Film Institute
Presentations (strand 1)
The Filmed City: Art Nouveau and Cinema
28-6 Presentations (strand 2)
Art Nouveau and Politics in the Dawn of Globalisation
Casa Milà-La Pedrera
Presentations (strand 4)
Research and Doctoral Thesis in Progress
29-6 Presentations (strand 3)
Les Fleurs du Mal: Style in a Troubled Age
Casa Milà-La Pedrera
30-6 Day trip Terrassa (am) & Mon Sant Benet (pm)
02-7 Departure Barcelona


The themes of the presentation strands of the III CDF congress

Strand 1 The Filmed City: Art Nouveau and Cinema

This strand aims to look into new perspectives on Art Nouveau heritage of cities by means of cinematographic language, given the coincidence in the time of the birth of both. Papers relating the city with footage from the age of birth and apogee of Art Nouveau, as well as other later filmed material related to this artistic movement, will be selected. Communications may address representation systems from the official or amateur point of view, analysing them on their own or compared with other cities, and also the possibilities of reconstituting what has been preserved, lost or forgotten.

Strand 2 Art Nouveau and Politics in the Dawn of Globalisation

The relationship between art in general and politics has been well established in modern historiography, and interpreted by diverse theories and outlooks. The peculiarities of the times in which Art Nouveau was born and flourished, roughly from the 1890’s to 1914, calls for a specific look on this relationship. Industrialisation, improved communications and technological advances in general transformed the economic, social and cultural context. With this, political ambitions and developments also evolved, characterised by the apparition of new social and revolutionary movements and a renewed upsurge of nationalism and colonialism. Papers analysing the relationship of Art Nouveau works and artists with politics, and in particular with colonialism, are welcomed to this strand.

Strand 3 Les Fleurs du Mal: Style in a Troubled Age

Research is increasingly demonstrating that, ever since prehistoric times, creativity and art have been associated with the recreational use of drugs and to diverse attitudes towards sexuality. In historiography concerning Art Nouveau, however, this association has been seldom underlined, even in cases in which such relationship is known to have existed. Was the Art Nouveau movement an exception in this? This section calls for papers exploring the importance of drug use and/or attitudes towards sex in Art Nouveau artists, and how this influenced their work.

sex drugs and art nouveau

Strand 4 Research and Doctoral Theses in Progress

The selection of papers within this strand will favour presentations by researchers and research groups whose ongoing projects may stimulate a discussion in which both young postgraduate students who are working on their doctoral theses and more experienced researchers in the field of Art Nouveau can share their analyses and opinions.

Are you passionate about Art Nouveau? And would you like to share your excitement with kindred spirits? Then this is where you need to be in June 2018! This is where you will learn something new all day every day, where you get to expand your professional network and, maybe most importantly, where you’ll meet friends for life. See you there?

PS. During the congress I will be communicating live from Barcelona, so if you cannot join us, and still like to be in the loop: follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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