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In just a few days, I’m off to participate in the 3rd coupDefouet International Art Nouveau Congress in Barcelona and I am só excited! The previous congress in 2015 was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to see al my fellow participants (many of whom have become dear friends since then) in Barcelona again.

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If you don’t remember, you can read all about the previous congress here.

III coupDefouet International Congress 2018

The program is now complete, and we have all received the documents by mail. There are some really interesting lectures on the list. In case you haven’t read my previous post about the congress, the thematic strands for this year’s edition are…

Strand 1: The Filmed City: Art Nouveau and Cinema

Strand 2: Art Nouveau and Politics in the Dawn of Globalisation

Strand 3: Les Fleurs du Mal: Style in a Troubled Age

Strand 4: Research and Doctoral Thesis in Progress

In November 2017, when the thematic strands were announced, I immediately thought of a subject I would like to introduce. And because it is kind of my personal mission to tell the world about Dutch Art Nouveau I reluctantly submitted my proposal for a paper.

 Batik - How emancipation of Dutch women in the East Indies and ‘back home’ influenced Art Nouveau design in Europe

In March 2018, my proposal was accepted by the scientific committee! So the last couple of months, I have been working around the clock to write my paper and prepare my presentation. And now, I am só incredibly proud that I am given the opportunity to present my paper at the congress, right after keynote speaker Debora Silverman. (You should know Silverman is a very well-respected author in the field of the history of Art Nouveau.)

Furthermore, I am looking forward to these papers in particular:

Saskia ThoelenPromoting Art Nouveau in Modern Tokyo – Mitsukoshi’s Discourse of the “Contemporary Kimono” – as I used to live in Japan and I love Japanese kimono design. If you would like to know more about kimono, I found a nice book for you here: Kimono, a modern history by Terry Satsuki Milhaupt

Frédérique HauffmannThe Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam (1898-1903), a manifesto for the people – because I know the Beurs van Berlage is a beautiful building and I am curious about what Frédérique is going to tell. Particularly, because Berlage himself is known to detest Art Nouveau and here we are, calling his work Art Nouveau…

Maarten Nubé – The relationship between the design of affiches and posters and other artistic output. There was a wonderful exhibition about affiches and posters at the Van Gogh museum last year. And I would love to know what Maarten has to add to the information I gathered there.

Ruth Sacks – “Style Congo” in the Congo: Tracing Art Nouveau in Mbanza-Ngungu. I don’t think I have met Ruth yet, but I am certainly looking forward to new Art Nouveau discoveries in Congo!

And of course I can’t wait to meet and listen to Debora Silverman, whom I consider a big (if not the) authority on the history of Art Nouveau. It is such an honour to get to speak at the same congress.

Note to self: watch the Danish Girl before leaving for Barcelona. It was filmed at several Art Nouveau locations in Brussels and will be discussed during strand 1.

So, are you passionate about Art Nouveau? And would you like to share your excitement with kindred spirits? Then this is where you need to be in June 2018! This is where you will learn something new all day every day, where you get to expand your professional network and, maybe most importantly, where you’ll meet friends for life. See you there?

PS. During the congress I will be communicating live from Barcelona, so if you cannot join us, and still like to be in the loop: follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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