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As you may or may not know, since 2016 I am the proud owner of Maison l’Art Nouveau, a small firm specializing in period decorating materials for Art Nouveau homes. So the upcoming symposium of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network (RANN) is right up my alley. I am very much looking forward to the event.

RANN-logoBecause the Réseau Art Nouveau Network (a European network for the study, protection and enhancement of Art Nouveau heritage) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, urban.brussels (founding member of the RANN) is hosting an international symposium in Brussels, together with the Horta Museum and the CIVA.

One of the RANN’s primary objectives has always been the research into, and knowledge of Art Nouveau. And whilst Art Nouveau is visible to everyone in the public space because many European cities are adorned with Art Nouveau facades, the interiors remain a secret for both the academic world and the general public.

So it was about time that Art Nouveau interiors became the subject of an extensive study!

Riga Art Nouveau Museum Bedroom

Bedroom at Art Nouveau Museum, Riga

‘The Interiors of the Art Nouveau Period: Analyse, Restore, Make Accessible’

The aim of this symposium is to compare research practices, and share knowledge about the development and conservation of Art Nouveau interiors, in order to develop new research perspectives. And this is the program:

29 November 2019

KNOW. Current status: sources and new approaches

  1. Art Nouveau Tiles, Chinese Pavilion, BrusselsTiled interiors on paper. Trade catalogues as a key source to understand the use of Art Nouveau tiles in Belgian interiors by Mario Baeck
  2. Threshold spaces: the unexpected link between interior paintings and Art Nouveau architecture by Apolline Malevez
  3. Style without a Destination: Moscow Art Nouveau interiors in photography by Inessa Kouteinikova
  4. La maison Paul Luc à Nancy: Documenter un exemple disparu de l’Art Nouveau by Elodie Scheydecker
Interior Institut Pere Mata Pavilion 6 Reus

Interior Institut Pere Mata, Pavilion 6, Reus

UNDERSTAND. Architectural fittings and decorative sets

  1. Solar Symbolism in Stanisław Wyspiański’s Design for the Interiors of the House of the Medical Society in Krakow by Edyta Barucka
  2. The “Muncunill style” or how a system of understanding the domestic interiors becomes the identifying language of a city by Mireia Freixa
  3. “Le Style Pieuvre” Art Nouveau interiors and Marine Biology by Thomas Moser
  4. A Crucible for the New Man and Woman: A Phenomenology of the Art Nouveau Interior by Charlotte Ashby
Symposium The interiors of Art nouveau period

Diningroom by Eugene Vallin and Victor Prouvez, Nancy

30 November 2019

RESTORE. Approaches, techniques and new resources

  1. La Villa Majorelle à Nancy, comment restaurer un intérieur Art Nouveau? by Camille André
  2. In search of Horta: on-site examinations of the decorative finishes and results by Wivine Wailliez and Emmanuelle Job
  3. Restoring and repairing the staircase in Jugendstilsenteret in Ålesund by Zorica Tomanovic
  4. A chaque époque, sa technique by Luc Reuse
  5. Round table “Awareness of and access to the Art Nouveau interiors in the
    Brussels Capital Region”
Dining room at Villa Rams Woerthe, Steenwijk

Dining room at Villa Rams Woerthe, Steenwijk

LIVE AND OPEN. Accessibility and contemporary issues

  1. Furnishing the Temple of Croatian History and Science. Art Nouveau Interiors of the Croatian National and University Library and the State Archives Building by Dragan Damjanovic
  2. Conservation of interior tiling in Barcelona: Simple tools to involve citizens by Montserrat Puges
  3. Le Salon bleu: une œuvre d’art totale au cœur du patrimoine horloger by Marikit Taylor
  4. Deconstructing the nature myth, demystifying imagination and intuition: on the reuse of Art Nouveau buildings in Istanbul by Deniz Balik Lokce
Art Nouveau Bathroom, Chinese Pavilion, Brussels

Bathroom at Chinese Pavilion, Brussels

The COMPLETE PROGRAM for the symposium on 29 & 30 November 2019 can be downloaded here. Before planning your trip, beware that besides the symposium several associations promoting Brussels’ Art Nouveau heritage offer exceptional guided tours and interior visits. These are all revealed in the aforementioned program.

29.11  CIVA, Rue de l’Ermitage 55, 1050 Brussels
30.11  Palais des Académies, Rue Ducale 1, 1000 Brussels

€ 10 (€ 5 for students); free for RANN-members and the Press
Closing drink included.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED via http://urban.brussels/en/art-nouveau

House for an Art Lover - Dining Room

Dining room at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

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