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Like they have been doing for quite a few years now, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network (RANN) has announced their annual photo contest for the 8th World Art Nouveau Day to celebrate and promote Art Nouveau heritage from Europe and in particular its member cities!


Every year their contest has a different subject. In 2014 the RANN organised an Art Nouveau Selfie contest. Other subjects were Women in Art Nouveau, Art Nouveau Details, Art Nouveau and Movement, My Favorite Art Nouveau Architect and Art Nouveau Staircases.

This year, the theme for the photo contest is:

My Art Nouveau Archives

On the 10th of June 2020*, the RANN will celebrate World Art Nouveau Day and you are all heartily invited to take part in this international event; it’s open to all!

“This eighth time will be dedicated to the theme My Art Nouveau Archives. Although current circumstances force us to stay at home, we can keep Art Nouveau alive together! Go to your albums, memory cards and hard disks to unearth your photographic treasures, whether they represent a building, furniture, textiles, or Art Nouveau objects. Share them with the RANN community and tell us, in a few lines, why the subject of your photograph is important to you, why you recommend it to us, and where we could find it.

The 2020 edition of World Art Nouveau Day will give us the opportunity to travel through your photos, and dream about our future Art Nouveau destinations!”


Hunting Lodge Mookerheide, The Netherlands

World Art Nouveau Day Photo Contest

Send your most beautiful archive pictures before 3 June 2020 at midnight, to info@artnouveau-net.eu, together with your completed entry form.

All photographs will be published on 10 June 2020 on the RANN Facebook page and submitted to the vote of the internet community. After the competition, the photographs will also be published on a Pinterest Board of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network.

Two prizes will be awarded:

  • The community prize for the photo that received most ‘likes’ by 6 pm on 10 June
  • The Jury prize awarded by a jury composed of the Secretariat and RANN members

The winners will be announced the same evening of 10 June 2020 on the Facebook page and website of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network. The jury’s decisions are final.

Rules and regulations, as well as entry forms, can be obtained from this RANN page.

World Art Nouveau Day on Wikipedia

WIKIPEDIANS UNITE! Last year, we launched a wikipage for World Art Nouveau Day. And now we are calling all wikipedians to help translate this page in as many languages as possible. Are you a wikipedian and do you want to help translate the original English page into your native language? Your help is much appreciated!



Local Activities on World Art Nouveau Day

To discover more World Art Nouveau Day activities organised by cities and museums near you, I have created a special Facebook Page. If you follow that page, you will be updated on all local activities around Europe and beyond.

And since 2018, I am coordinating all activities in The Netherlands myself! For this occasion, I have created a completely new website: http://wereldartnouveaudag.nl. All Dutch activities around World Art Nouveau Day will be listed here and organisations are heartily invited to submit their activities for (free) publication on this website.

*World Art Nouveau Day is annually celebrated on the 10th of June commemorating the death of the two great Art Nouveau architects: Catalan Antoni Gaudí and Hungarian Ödön Lechner. The first World Art Nouveau Day was initiated in 2013 by Szecessziós Magazin from Hungary.

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