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18 December 2019 – 13 April 2020, Exhibtion Bentwood and Beyond, Thonet and Modern Furniture Design, MAK, Vienna. Austria. 

On the occasion of the 200-year anniversary of the company Thonet, the MAK presents an extensive exhibition on Modern furniture. In 1842, the German cabinetmaker Michael Thonet moved to Vienna: Here he was able to perfect his own invention of bentwood furniture and found the greatest furniture empire of the 19th century. With the No 14 Chair produced from 1859 onward, the company Thonet created not only one of the so far most sold pieces of furniture in the world but also an unchallenged classic of design. The exhibition at the MAK shows the fundamental importance of the company Thonet for the design of Modern furniture and places its characteristic and world-famous bentwood furniture into the context of contemporary technological, typological, aesthetic, and historical developments.

Bentwood and Beyond - Thonet and modern furniture design

17 December 2019, Lecture (in Dutch) about De Haagse architect W.B. van Liefland by Peter van Dam. Historische Vereniging Rijswijk, Rijswijk, The Netherlands.

Op deze avond verzorgt de architectuurhistoricus Peter van Dam een lezing over de Haagse architect W.B. van Liefland, die in Rijswijk de Villa Elise aan het Julialaantje heeft gebouwd. Gebouw Hofrust, Herenstraat 44B, Rijswijk; gratis toegang.

You can read my blog about Van Liefland by clicking here.

W.B. van Liefland 1857-1919

29 and 30 November 2019, International Symposium Art Nouveau Interiors: analyse, restore, make accessible, CIVA and Palais des Académies, Brussels, Belgium.

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network, a European network for the study, protection and enhancement of the Art Nouveau heritage, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. And the research and progress of our knowledge of Art Nouveau has always been one of RANN’s primary objectives. However, the interior has not yet been scientifically exploited transversally in Europe; the aim of this symposium is to bring about a confrontation on research practices, understanding, conservation and enhancement of Art Nouveau interiors, in order to identify new research perspectives.

An “off” programme of visits related to Art Nouveau interiors and Art Nouveau heritage in Brussels next to the symposium will be also presented!

More info and registrations: click here

Symposium The interiors of Art nouveau period

20 November 2019 – 17 May 2020, Exhibition Otto Prutscher: Universal Designer of Viennese Modernism, MAK, Vienna, Austria. 

This MAK exhibition presents the figure of Otto Prutscher (1880-1949) seventy years after his death, including the manifold roles he played in developing Viennese Modernism. Prutscher was an architect and designer who employed the entire variety of applied arts materials and was also an exhibition designer, teacher and member of all the major art reform movements, from the Secession to the Wiener Werkstätte and Werkbund.


15 November 2019 – 19 January 2020, Exhibition Art Nouveau Fashion from the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation, Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia.

Viewers are introduced to more than a hundred unique dresses of that period. All were created by designers, tailors and embroidery masters at famous European fashion houses and demonstrate the century-old fabrics, lace, cut of clothing, embroidery, applications and numerous accessories of women’s and men’s fashion. Lots of exhibited shoes, handbags, hats, buckles, pins, studs, banquet notebooks, perfume flasks, fans, and many other accessories forgotten for over a hundred years were used to make life more beautiful and delightful to the eye. The exhibition of clothing and accessories is complemented by numerous photographs illustrating the Secession style of fashion, paintings, and furniture matching the clothing of that elegant period.

exhibition Art Nouveau fashion

31 October 2019, Brussels Museums Nocturnes, Open House at the autrique House, Brussels, Belgium.

La Maison Autrique was the first house built by Belgian architect Victor Horta, with early elements of his famous Art Nouveau style apparent in the design details. Although the entry and ground floor reflects the classic architectural style of the 19th century, when it was built, the halls and other rooms are illuminated by open space and natural light, an innovation at the time. The house is simpler than Horta’s later projects, as it was built as a comfortable home for engineer Eugène Autrique and his family. It was completed in 1893, but was recently renovated and reopened to the public. With a striking exterior of iron pillars and columns, Horta’s touch can be seen with the use of light and color in the home’s intricate stained glass in the interior. The classic town house is at once both an embodiment of a traditional private Belgian home and the modern step toward Art Nouveau. As a bonus we follow comic book heroes Blake & Mortimer on their latest adventure, “The Last Pharaoh”. Reservation required via!


26 October 2019 – 16 February 2020, Exhibition Kuniyoshi: Entertainment in Japanese Woodblock Prints / UkiyoeNow: Tradition and Experiment, Mak, Vienna, Austria. 

Utagawa Kuniyoshi is renowned as one of Japan’s great artists of the nineteenth century. Manga and Anime are practically inconceivable without his visual imagery. The significance given today to the fascinating world of the woodblock print (ukiyo-e) is impressively showcased in the works of Masumi Ishikawa and Megumi Ōishi (UKIYO-E PROJECT) and the graphic designer Andrew Archer. Both resort to the typical visual elements and techniques of the Japanese woodblock print.

MAK Vienna Kuniyoshi-UkiyoeNow

24 October 2019 – 1 March 2020, Exhibition Alphonse Mucha, My Art Museum, Seoul, Korea.

The newly opened Korean gallery My Art Museum launched an exhibition of famous Czech painter, graphic artist and designer Alphonse Mucha. The exhibition presents a total of 234 Art Nouveau posters, engravings, drawings, oil paintings and other original works from the private collection of the famous Czech tennis player Ivan Lendl.

24 October 2019, Brussels Museums Nocturnes, Open House Horta Museum, Brussels, Belgium. 

This museum, once the home and studio of architect Victor Horta, is an undeniable Art nouveau showpiece! Reservation required via!

Sky-light Staircase Horta Museum Brussels

20 October 2019 – 14 June 2020, Exhibition Tiffany in Bloom: Stained Glass Lamps by Louis Comfort Tiffany, The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH, USA. 

The exhibition explores Tiffany’s vivid designs in relation to emerging artistic and craft movements at the turn of the 20th century. Through the dynamic, illuminated display of 20 of the designer’s finest stained glass table and floor lamps. “Tiffany in Bloom” introduces visitors to the magic that Tiffany created with thousands of shards of glass and the “newfangle” power of electric light. Period photographs and accounts of his artisans also provide a glimpse into Tiffany’s shop and Studio.

Group of lamps by Tiffany Studios exhibition 2019 Cleveland Museum of Art

Poster Mucha Exhibition Sakai Japan19 October 2019 – 1 March 2020, Posters from 1900 Paris – by Mucha and his contemporaries, Sakai Mucha Museum, Sakai, Japan. 

In this exhibition, you will see Mucha, who painted the street corners of Paris at the end of the century, and posters of contemporary painters. In addition, posters from the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s, and mysterious works by Mucha (the latter having a different atmosphere than his posters) will be exhibited. And, there will be unexpected works of Mucha, who was not only a poster painter. 

The Blue Bower by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1856, The Henry Barber Trust, University of Birmingham17 October 2019 – 26 January 2020, Exhibition Pre-Raphaelite Sisters: Models, Artists, Muses, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK.

This major exhibition is the first-ever to focus on the untold story of the women of Pre-Raphaelite art. 160 years after the first pictures were exhibited by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1849, Pre-Raphaelite Sisters, explores the overlooked contribution of twelve women to the Pre-Raphaelite movement, including Evelyn de Morgan, Effie Millais (nee Gray), Elizabeth Siddal and Joanna Wells (nee Boyce), an artist whose work has been largely omitted from the history of the movement. Featuring new discoveries and unseen works from public and private collections across the world, the exhibition reveals the women behind the pictures.

17 October 2019, Brussels Museums Nocturnes, Open House at the Cauchie House, Brussels, Belgium.

Follow the guide and meet Paul Cauchie, architect-designer. This Art Nouveau treasure, made by the man himself, reveals its secrets. Reservation required via!


13 October 2019 – 19 January 2020, Exhibtion Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, USA. 

This exhibition presents over 70 works that range from rare original lithographs, drawings, and books to portfolios and ephemera. Due in part to the highly advanced reproduction techniques of his time, Mucha’s work reached an extremely broad public and attained enormous popularity. His compositions were so alluring that they became known as the “Style Mucha,” and embodied much of the artistic decorative endeavors around the turn of the 20th century.

Mucha_exhibition USA

For more information about this traveling exhibition: scroll down

Wintergarden at Maison Horta-Frison10 October 2019, Brussels Museums Nocturnes, Open House at Fondation Frison-Horta, Brussels, Belgium.

An exceptional opportunity to visit the only Horta House in the centre of Brussels. The skillfully renovated house and its new foundation bring Art Nouveau and Indian culture together. Reservation required via!

October 2019, The 8th Mackintosh Festival, Glasgow, UK.

From walks, workshops and exhibitions to performances and talks, events are designed for all ages, to appeal to those who know nothing about Mackintosh, as well as established aficionados. The programme features a range of formats with free exhibitions and workshops, ticketed tours and sociable evenings with food and drink.

Samara Exhibition Graphic Art19 September 2019 – ?, Exhibition Symbols of Modern, Museum of Modern, Samara, Russia. 

Exhibited at the Museum of Art Nouveau, the exhibition “Symbols of Art Nouveau” presents works of Russian unique graphics of the late XIX – first quarter of XX centuries from the collection of the Bashkir State Art Museum. M.V. Nesterova. The exhibition “Symbols of Art Nouveau” presents a unique graphic material stored in the collection of the oldest museum in Russia. Each of the presented works reveals the characteristic features of the Art Nouveau style, which consolidated and “reconciled” all the difficulties and contradictions of Russian art of the turn of the century.

18 September – 15 December 2019, Exhibtion Alphonse Mucha: The Legacy of Art Nouveau, Centro Cultural FIESP, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Exhibition brings together around 100 works, including posters, drawings, paintings, prints, objects, books and photographs. The show will explore Mucha’s work and the influence it has had on subsequent generations. The show is divided into four thematic sections. The first two parts hightlight Mucha’s contribution to Art Nouveau in Paris. The third section explores how his art developed after his return to the Czech lands, which culminated in his late masterpiece, The Slav Epic. In the final section, the exhibition looks at the legacy of Mucha’s style through examples of works by graphic artists from the 1960s to the present day.

Alphonse Mucha exhibition Brazil 2019

fira-modernista-2019-canet-de-mar13 – 15 September 2019, Fira Mercat Modernista, Canet de Mar, Spain.

As every year, the historic center will be impregnated with elements of the last century and during the whole weekend you can enjoy performances, cultural, artistic, recreational, children’s and gastronomic activities , of shows, routes, exhibitions, conferences … and new proposals that contribute to reinforce the uniqueness of this event.

13 – 15 September 2019, Jugendstil Festival, Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Once a year, the golden age of the former world-renowned spa resort world bath comes alive again when Bad Nauheim celebrates its art nouveau festival! Art nouveau and nostalgia fans find plenty to suit their interests with clothes, dancing and games from yesteryear, demonstrations of historical crafts, or lectures and exhibitions on how the Jugendstil reform movement influenced society and culture. For three days, festival goers feel like they’ve been transported back to the turn of the 20th century. At the artisan and restorers market, art lovers can admire the wide repertoire of art nouveau craftsmanship with exhibits and demonstrations of typical stucco, ceramic, glass, wood and jewellery works.


Foto: BNST

Gustav Klimt Judith I, 1901 Öl auf Leinwand 84 x 42 cm

23 July – 14 October 2019, Gustav Klimt, Vienna – Japan 1900, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, Japan.

The exhibition visualizes the fact that many of Klimt’s works can be understood as expressions of personal crisis, anxiety, and desire. For the first time, such an exhibition comprehensively deciphers the thought cosmos behind Klimt’s masterpieces, thereby focusing on the symbolism behind Klimt’s work. The exhibition seeks to illustrate the extent to which this symbolism can be interpreted as a representation of the relationships of his works with his life and his social environment. In addition to the artist’s significant paintings, this is also substantiated by letters and personal objects. A second focus of the exhibition is Klimt’s relationship to Japan, which repeatedly left its mark on his work. More details:

12 July – 27 October 2019, Exhibition Midsummer Night Harald Sohlberg: A Norwegian Landscape Painter around 1900, Museum Wiesbaden, Germany.

This installation is the first retrospective on the European continent of the Norwegian painter Harald Sohlberg (1869-1935) in honour of the artist’s 150th birthday. Sohlberg, who was a contemporary and friend of Edvard Munch (1863-1944), is best known for his major work Winter Night in Rondane, produced between 1899 and 1914. The painting still captures the soul of the Norwegians today and was voted the most popular painting in the country by citizens in the 1990s. This icon of Norwegian art, which has never been on loan since it was acquired in 1918 by the National Museum in Oslo, will be on show in Wiesbaden.

Harald Sohlberg: A Norwegian Landscape Painter

8 July – 17 November 2019, Exhibition Oriental Light, Lalique Museum, Doesburg, The Netherlands.

Exhibition about the Japanese influence on Western art with work by Lalique, Mucha, Gallé, Daum, Knox, Van de Velde, Majorelle, Macintosh, Maison Vever, Fouquet, Gautrait and many others…


1 July – 27 October 2019, Exhibtion Josef Hoffmann – Otto Prutscher, Josef Hoffmann Museum, Brtnice, Czech Republic.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Otto Prutscher’s death, the exhibition highlights the importance of his work for the development of Viennese Modernism. The show is dedicated to Josef Hoffmann’s (1870-1956) in association with Otto Prutscher (1880-1949). Like Hoffmann an architect and designer, Prutscher was master of all materials used in the applied arts. He was an exhibition designer, a teacher, and a member of the most important reform movements in art from the Secession to the Wiener Werkstätte and the Werkbund.

Otto Prutscher. Stemmed glasses, Vienna, ca. 1907. Made by Meyr's Neffe, Adolf (Adolfov, CZ) for E. Bakalowitz & Sons Cut flashed glass © Moravská Gallery, Brno

30 June – 29 September 2019, Exhibtion Félix Vallotton. Painter of Disquiet, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK.

The exhibition traces the life and work of the Swiss painter, Félix Vallatton (1865-1925), who became one of the greatest printmakers of his age in the UK’s first major survey. Through more than 80 paintings and exquisite prints, this exhibition reveals Vallotton’s extraordinary body of work, including compelling portraits, dreamlike landscapes and satirical prints distilled into pure blocks of black and white.

Félix Vallotton - 1899 - La Visite

29 June 2019 – permanent, Exhibition Jugendstil – Collection F. W. Neess, Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany.

The Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess collection is one of the most significant European private collections of Art Nouveau and Symbolism. Not only was the museum able to keep the collection in Germany, it, at once, put itself on equal footing with Europe’s leading museums for Art Nouveau and promises to become one of the most important centers for Art Nouveau in Germany. Comprising some 570 objects, the collection is distinguished both by the exceptional quality of the works and by their remarkable art-historical significance. A distinctive feature of the collection lies, as well, in its international character, including German, French and Austrian works of art and having been conceived entirely in the spirit of unity that defines Art Nouveau. Furniture, glass, ceramics, lamps, paintings and silver all come together here to create the total work of art. This Gesamtkunstwerk represents the spirit of that historical moment to unify art and nature inseparably. 

Download the brochure (DE/EN) by clicking here


rausch der schönheit - spaziergang im kaiserstrassenviertel ostfriedhof22 June 2019Rausch der Schönheit – Spaziergang im Kaiserstrassenviertel, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Dortmund, Germany.

Wolfgang Kinast zeigt das Kaiserstraßenviertel. Vom Ostfriedhof beginnend durch das an Jugendstilfassaden und Geschichten reichen Viertels. Treffpunkt: Eingang Ostfriedhof.

20 June – 6 October 2019, Exhibition Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau / Nouvelle Femme, Poster House, New York, USA. 

On December 26, 1894, Mucha’s life changed forever when he was asked to create a last-minute poster for Sarah Bernhardt. The subsequent poster rocked the Parisian advertising world, turning him into a legend overnight. For the next nine years he was one of the most celebrated artists in the world, with recognition in both Europe and America. The poster collection of this exhibition comes to Poster House through a generous loan from the Richard Fuxa Foundation, which houses the most complete collection of Alphonse Mucha and is one of the preeminent supporters of Czech heritage and art.


Gilliot & Roelants Tile Museum Pozzo Collection 2019

16 June – 30 September 2019, Summer Exhibition Pozzo Collection, Gilliot & Roelants Tile Museum, Hemiksem, Belgium.

The Gilliot & Roelants tile museum in Hemiksem opens a new wing  for the unique collection of tiles that Roberto Pozzo donated to the King Baudouin Foundation. The new wing will be open to the public during the summer months. In the new wing, a small selection of the  Pozzocollectie is shown through changing exhibitions. Anyone who wants to view this special collection in its entirety can also visit the website about the Pozzo Collection

12 June – 1 September 2019, Exhibition 

Das Klingspor Museum präsentiert hochrangige Schriften und Drucke, die um die Jahrhundertwende in der Schriftgießerei Gebr. Klingspor entstanden und Weltruhm erlangten. Erstmalig erfasst die Doppelausstellung der beiden städtischen Museen unter dem Titel „Bewegung ist da“ die Genres Architektur, Grafik, Schrift und Stadtgeschichte. Deutlich wird, wie Offenbach um 1900 kulturelle Akzente setzte. Die Sammlung des Klingspor Museums bringt Jugendstilwerke u. a. von Peter Behrens, Otto Eckmann, Oskar Kokoschka, Kolo Moser und Henry van de Velde ein. Dass der Jugendstil auch in der Architektur der Industriestadt Offenbach aufblühte, und welche Auswirkungen die Jugendstilbewegung auf das Leben hatte, stellt das Haus der Stadtgeschichte heraus.

Nibelungen. Bilder und Ausstattung von Carl Otto Czeschka - klingspor_museum lowres

10 June 2019, World Art Nouveau Day, All world wide activities can be found on:

In 2013, the 10th of June was selected as World Art Nouveau Day, being the day on wich both Antonio Gaudi and Ödön Lechner died – two charismatic architects of the movement, from two different corners of Europe. Since then, every year, we celebrate Art Nouveau on the 10th of June. Organisations from all over the world participate with exhibitions, photo competitions, lectures, Art Nouveau walks etc… Follow this Facebook Event Page so you can keep up with all the activities planned.


8 June – 8 September 2019, Exhibition Paris 1900 – City of Entertainment, Portland Art Museum, Portland, USA. 

Paris 1900 re-creates the look and feel of the era through more than 200 paintings, decorative art objects, textiles, posters, photographs, jewelry, sculpture, and film, and will plunge visitors into the atmosphere of the Belle Époque. Travel back to Paris at the dawn of the 20th century and experience the splendor of the sparkling French capital as it hosted the world for the International Exposition of 1900. This was the height of the Belle Époque, a period of peace and prosperity in France when fine art, fashion, and entertainment flourished as never before. Fifty-one million visitors from around the world attended the Exposition and flooded the city, where they enjoyed its posh restaurants, opulent opera house, artistic cabarets, and well-tended parks.

Affichomania_french_poster_exhibition 2019-2020

8 June – 14 September 2019, Exhibition L’Affichomania: The Passion for French Posters, Fifth Third Gallery, Taft Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Meant to stop people in their tracks with bold colors and seductive imagery, French advertising posters of the turn of the 20th century ultimately became highly collectible works of art. L’Affichomania: The Passion for French Posters presents the work of five innovative artists: Jules Chéret, Eugène Grasset, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Alphonse Mucha, and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The relaxed printing and posting guidelines granted in 1881 by the Freedom of the Press Law, along with new developments in commercial printing, resulted in tens of thousands of posters being plastered in the streets of Paris every year. The craze for posters, known as affichomanie, had begun.

J.C. Stoffels, Ontwerptekening voor een hanglamp van Onder den Sint Maarten, 1903, inkt en aquarel op papier.1 June – 1 Sept 2019, Exposition Bommelse Art Nouveau: de werkplaats Onder den Sint Maarten, Stadskasteel Zaltbommel, Zaltbommel, The Netherlands. 

Aan het einde van de negentiende eeuw en het begin van de twintigste eeuw was Zaltbommel een belangrijk, maar onderbelicht productiecentrum van de Nederlandse Art Nouveau. Het modern vormgegeven meubilair en koperwerk uit de Zaltbommelse werkplaats Onder den Sint Maarten maakte indruk op internationale tentoonstellingen voor decoratieve kunst in Turijn en Parijs. De Bommelaar Johan Adam Pool jr. (1872-1948) stond aan de basis van de werkplaats. De tentoonstelling vindt plaats tijdens het Cultuurfestival Bommelerwaard 2019 en is geopend in de weekenden tussen 1 juni en 1 september. Het bezoek aan de tentoonstelling verloopt in de vorm van een ‘Onder den Sint Maarten arrangement’. Een gids ontvangt u in het museum, loopt met u door de Zaltbommelse binnenstad langs enkele Art Nouveau panden en geeft een inleiding in de tentoonstelling.

31 May, 1 and 2 June 2019, Modernista Fair, Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona travels back in time to the turn of the 20th century for yet another year, with plenty of leisure and cultural activities on offer, such as guided tours, children’s workshops, Modernista puppets, interactive automatons, a parade of vintage cars, a vintage steam train ride, conferences on Modernisme, a ticket draw to visit Modernista buildings for those attending in period costume, period atmosphere and many more surprises. The Fair will also be attended by municipalities and institutions from around the world that somehow have an Art Nouveau connection, as well as a booth with information and products on sale related to the Barcelona Modernisme Route. 

More info in Catalan: click here


21 May – 10 November 2019, Exhibition The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tōkaidō, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, USA. 

The complete series of Utagawa Hiroshige’s (1797-1858) Japanese landscape woodblock print – once owned by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and gifted to the Museum by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marcus in 1984 – will be on view at the DMA for the first time in more than 30 years. The scenes are a blend of the grandeur of a noble feudal lord’s (daimyō) lifestyle, realistic images of daily life and ordinary people like merchants or workers, and a refined depiction of nature, which was very important to the Japanese. Hiroshige was familiar with European painting and often introduced perspective into his prints, although the ultimate effect of his scenes is the distinct linear character of his designs. 


17 May – 29 September 2019, Exhibition Wyspiański – Afterword, National Museum in Krakow, Krakow. Poland. 

The “Wyspiański. Afterword” exhibition will show new, little known works of The Wedding’s author and his students – inheritors of his ideas. A small room contains fabrics decorated with floral ornaments designed by Wyspiański. These works, which have not been exhibited before, reveal a significant trait of his artistic output: the fascination with folk art.

Poster for Somogyi Library Szeged 2019 Art Nouveau exhibition


16 May – 29 June 2019, Exhibition Art Nouveau in Prints, Somogyi Library, Szeged, Hungary. 

Art Nouveau has brought renewal not only in architecture and arts & crafts, but also in graphics and book design. At the turn of the century, books, magazines, and small prints, regardless of their content, carry the distinctive motifs of the new style inside and out, born out of beauty and uniqueness. The exhibition provides a selection of the most beautiful Art Nouveau volumes of the collection of Somogy Library and documents related to Szeged.


11 May – 21 July 2019, Exhibition Femmes 1900 – The Art Nouveau Woman, Galleria Harry Bertoia, Pordenone, Italy. 

The considerable number of works on exhibit will allow the viewer a suggestive walk among the European stylistic differences, explaining how authors dealt with the various sensitivities around the theme of femininity. From the Spanish Modernism to the French Art Nouveau to the Italian Liberty to the Austrian Secession to the German Jugendstil. Several local events will be organised around the exhibition space.

ceramica_arte_nova_aveiro_201911 May – 1 September 2019, Exhibition As Fábricas de Ceramica de Aveiro no Periodo Arte Nova, (Factories of Pottery of Aveiro in the Period of New Art) Museu Arte Nova de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.

As a ceramic region, Aveiro is one of the oldest in Portugal. The establishment of the first potteries dates from the XVI century. The geological features of the town, rich in clays, and the abundance of nearby woodlands, allied to a terrestrial and maritime communications network, have fostered and developed this industry. In 1882, in Aveiro, the Fábrica da Fonte Nova emerged. In addition to the dishes produced in its  unmistakable “Fonte Nova blue”, it was one of the most important contributors to the production of Arte Nova tiles at a national level.


2019 Darmstadt Jugendstil jewellery exhibtion10 May – 11 August 2019, Exhibition Jewellery from Jugendstil to Art Deco, Hessian State Museum, Darmstadt, Germany.

All exhibits are from the private collection Ratz-Coradazzi, not previously exhibited. At the age of seven, the collector already invested her pocket money in her first Art Nouveau jewelery piece. This enthusiasm continues to this day, only that the objects have quality now, and the collection has achieved international rank over the years. Having long been assisted by her husband, she successfully works through archives and libraries to identify the jewelry and assign them to a manufacturer. Thus, the exhibition is a “Who’s Who” of German and Austrian jewelry design.

10, 11 & 12 May 2019, Modernista Fair, Terrassa, Spain.

An amazing journey to the past to the splendor of modernist Terrassa in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Unique characters, historical recreations, traditional craftsmen, visits to the main modernist buildings, exhibitions, shows and especially the warmth of the people who star in the Fair on the street with their period costume, offer us the opportunity to experience a unique experience.

26 April – 8 September 2019, Exhibtion Эпоха модерна (The Era of Modernity), Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia.

The modern era is a complex, contradictory and full of unusual creative solutions period of development of Russian art. The Museum of Architecture has a rich collection of objects created at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. A real panorama of the many-sided Art Nouveau style will unfold in front of the visitors, which will make it possible to trace its evolution from the middle of the 19th century until the 1917 revolution. The main part of the exhibition will be devoted to the diversity of the buildings of the modern era – urban mansions and apartment buildings, commercial buildings, banks, museums, theaters and temple architecture. 


Gustav Klimt Judith I, 1901 Öl auf Leinwand 84 x 42 cm

23 April – 10 July 2019, Gustav Klimt, Vienna – Japan 1900, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

The exhibition visualizes the fact that many of Klimt’s works can be understood as expressions of personal crisis, anxiety, and desire. For the first time, such an exhibition comprehensively deciphers the thought cosmos behind Klimt’s masterpieces, thereby focusing on the symbolism behind Klimt’s work. The exhibition seeks to illustrate the extent to which this symbolism can be interpreted as a representation of the relationships of his works with his life and his social environment. In addition to the artist’s significant paintings, this is also substantiated by letters and personal objects. A second focus of the exhibition is Klimt’s relationship to Japan, which repeatedly left its mark on his work. 

17 April 2019 – 26 January 2020, Exhibtion Art Nouveau: The Triumph of Beauty, Sale dei Paggi, Venaria Reale, Turin, Italy.

By showcasing posters and paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics, the exhibition underscores the extraordinary artistic and artisanal blossoming that swept over and ultimately overhauled decorative taste at the beginning of the twentieth century. Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that, rejecting realism and scientific thought, pursued dreamlike and visionary worlds, relying on soft and sinuous line to accentuate elegant decorations. Through creating replicas of Parisian living spaces, the exhibition also narrates art and everyday life with an innovative display that recreates atmosphere and furnishings of the time.

Art Nouveau-The Triumph of Beauty, Turin 2019

30 March – 21 July 2019, Exhibition Mucha, Pearl Art Museum, Shanghai, China.

A major retrospective of Mucha’s work at the Pearl Art Museum in Shanghai. This the first time the Mucha family collection has gone on display in China and marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the Czech Republic. The show is curated by the Mucha Foundation’s Tomoko Sato and executive director of the Pearl Art Museum, Li Dandan.

Featuring over 200 original posters, drawings, paintings, decorative works, jewelry, sculpture, books, photographs and personal belongings, including some that are on show for the very first time, the show reveals Mucha’s multifaceted nature as an artist. Split into six thematic sessions, the show highlights six facets of Mucha’s identity: Bohemian; picture artist for the people, international artist, mystic, patriot and philosopher. His best know works from the turn of century are on display alongside his more aspirational and contemplative works.


22 March – 23 June 2019, Exhibition ‘De Bijzondere Band. Art Nouveau-boeken van Dijsselhof, Lion Cachet en Nieuwenhuis, Museum Meermanno, The Hague, The Netherlands.

The exhibition focuses on the work of three pioneers. For this exhibition, top pieces from the collections of Museum Meermanno and the Royal Library have been supplemented with beautiful books and applied graphics from collections of the Leiden University Libraries and Royal Collections. From about 1890 to 1910, Gerrit Willem Dijsselhof, Carel Adolph Lion Cachet and Theo Nieuwenhuis – together with a number of colleagues who are also featured in the exhibition – have ensured the heyday of the book as an aesthetic object.


16 March 2019 – permanent, Exhibtion Vienna 1900, Birth of Modernism, Leopold Museum,  Vienna, Austria. 

With its newly conceived presentation of the collection, the Leopold Museum is creating an opulent tableau which affords uniquely rich and complex insights into the fascination of Vienna around 1900 and the atmosphere of this vibrant time.  Comprising some 1300 exhibits and spanning three floors, the exhibition presents the splendor and wealth of artistic and intellectual achievements of this era through masterpieces from the Leopold Museum as well as eminent permanent loans from Austrian and international collections.

Wien 1900 -Leopold Museum Vienna

16 March – 2 May 2019, Hungarian Art Nouveau: Artist’s Colony of Gödöllő, Balassi Institute, Brussels, Belgium. 

In 1901 Aladár Körösfői-Kriesch together with his friend and brother-in-law, Sándor Nagy, founded their colony in Gödöllő. Their intention was to make life more beautiful by their creations. Besides their major works of art, they also designed unique, artistically-designed objects of applied arts. The joint exhibition of the Balassi Institute in Brussels and the City Museum of Gödöllő wishes to draw attention to a special section of the Hungarian Art Nouveau, when presenting the Artists’ Colony of Gödöllő.

Artists Colony of Gödöllö exhibition brussels 2019

16 March – 31 March 2019, BANAD Art Nouveau & Art Deco Festival, Brussels, Belgium.

The long-established Brussels Biennial Art Nouveau & Art Deco Event, held in October every two years, was changed. From 2017, it has become an annual event called the Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco Festival and it will be held in the Spring.The Festival’s programme will be extended to include concerts, films, exhibitions and cultural events, in addition to the interior guided tours of buildings not usually open to the public (private houses, schools, industrial and office buildings) and the guided tours on foot, by bicycle and by coach that have made the Biennial Event so successful in the past.

rausch der schönheit - spaziergang im kaiserstrassenviertel ostfriedhof16 March 2019Rausch der Schönheit – Spaziergang im Kaiserstrassenviertel, Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Dortmund, Germany.

Wolfgang Kinast zeigt das Kaiserstraßenviertel. Vom Ostfriedhof beginnend durch das an Jugendstilfassaden und Geschichten reichen Viertels. Treffpunkt: Eingang Ostfriedhof.

15 March – 22 September 2019, Exhibition Quirky Art Nouveau. Carl Strathmann, Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich, Germany. 

The highly original and fabulously bizarre art of Carl Strathmann (1866-1939) resists any kind of pigeonholing. This Art Nouveau painter, who boasted an ornate style and a fastidious obsession with detail, lovingly fashioned his own unique worlds from fairy-tale caricature figures, fantastical floral still lifes and landscapes, symbolist history paintings and art-and-craft designs. This exhibition offers you an unmissable opportunity to discover one of the Munich art scene’s most colorful personalities from the turn of the 20th century and discover, for the very first time, his extraordinary art.


15 March – 26 August 2019, Exhibition Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Walker Gallery, Liverpool, UK.

Rediscover the life and work of architectural genius, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868–1928) alongside the work of his closest friends and contemporaries in this must-see exhibition. Featuring more than 250 objects, ranging from furniture and embroidery to stained glass, metalwork and architectural drawings, the exhibition explores the movement that became known as The Glasgow Style – the only Art Nouveau movement in the UK.

Liverpool Mackintosh Exhibition 2019

Kaysenzinn_exhibition_modern_museum_samara_russia_201913 March – ??? 2019, Exhibition Kayserzinn – German tin in the 19th – 20th centuries, Modern Museum, Samara, Russia.

Kaiser Tin (an alloy of tin and silver, the so-called lead-free tin, which retains its brilliance for a long time) was very successful at exhibitions in Paris (1900), Turin (1902), Dusseldorf and St. Louis (1904). Kaiser and Sons created designs inspired by both the floral French art nouveau and the linear art nouveau. In addition, the company set itself the goal of mass production to make modern, tastefully decorated household items accessible to wide sections of the population. The exhibition includes an original series of items from the collection of private collector Sergei Gnilitsky.

13 March – 30 June 2019, Exposition The Nabis and the Scenery, Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, France. 

nabis_2019True pioneers of modern decor, Bonnard, Vuillard, Maurice Denis, Sérusier, Ranson, have defended an art directly related to life, allowing to introduce the beauty in everyday life. From the formation of the group, at the end of the 1880s, the decorative issue became a fundamental principle of the unity of creation. They advocate an original expression, joyous and rhythmic, in reaction against the aesthetics that were fashionable at the time.

This exhibition is the first in France devoted to the decorative and ornamental art of the Nabis. Yet it is an essential area for these artists who wanted to break the line between fine and applied arts.


9 March – 30 June 2019, Exhibition Mucha’s Thoughts leading to the Slav Epic, Alphonse Mucha Museum, Sakai city, Japan.

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), who became famous as a designer at the end of the 19th century, was asked to do a lot of work for the 1900 Paris World Exposition. Among his jobs a mural at the Bosnia & Herzegovina pavilion. This strengthened Mucha desire to be useful for the people of ‘his’ Czech homeland. “After I have gathered funds across the U.S. to realize my contribution to my country, I will return to the Czech Republic in 1910.” Then, he made numerous works for his country, starting with the “Slavic Epic”.  This exhibition will introduce mainly works of the latter half of his painting carier which traces the changes in his work after the World Expo, realizing his feelings towards the Czech Republic. Although the posters of elegant females from his Paris era are famous, in this exhibition, please enjoy not only the graphic work, but also works which transmit Mucha’s breath, especially large oil paintings, sculpture, etc. All 20 works of the “Slavic Epic” will be displayed by a large size projector.

8 March – 23 June 2019, Exhibition Mesdag & Colenbrander- a shared passion for ceramics, De Mesdagcollectie, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Theo Colenbrander (1841-1930) is seen as one of the first industrial designers. The couple Hendrik Willem and Sientje Mesdag were the first to buy his modernly designed earthenware, for their home and their museum.

The collection of Colenbrander ceramics from the Mesdags is one of the most beautiful collections in the Netherlands. When Hendrik Willem Mesdag died in 1915, the collection included about 130 objects and sets. Unfortunately, after his death, pieces from the private collection got scattered. But for this exhibition a part of those objects have returned to their original home.


8 – 10 March 2019, Study Weekend The Whiplash Line – Art Nouveau and Symbolism, Gladstone’s Library, Church Lane, Hawarden, Flintshire, UK.

This study course looks at the richness of Art Nouveau in the Fine and Decorative Arts – including painting, posters, illustration, sculpture, architecture, textiles, metalwork, glass, furniture, ceramics and much more. Illustrated with beautiful and seductive colour slides throughout. 


1 March – 12 May 2019, Exhibition Paris 1900: City of Entertainment, Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH, USA.

Organized by the Petit Palais Museum of Fine Arts with additional loans from other institutions in the City of Paris, this exhibition presents more than 200 works of art made at the turn of the century in the vibrant and rapidly changing city. Arranged in thematic sections including the International Exposition, Art Nouveau, the Parisian Woman and Paris by Night. Each section is developed through a range of objects, from paintings, sculptures and posters to fashion, furniture and souvenirs. Notable artists featured include Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Auguste Rodin, Antoine Bourdelle and Camille Claudel.


15 – 17 February 2019Annual Arts & Crafts Conference, , Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC, USA.

Since 1913 the Grove Park Inn has been known as the mecca for Arts and Crafts enthusiasts. And since 1988 the Arts and Crafts Conference has been educating and entertaining Arts and Crafts enthusiasts at every level – from beginning collectors and bungalow owners to experienced auction and show veterans. The weekend includes seminars and small group discussions to walking tours, demonstrations, and selling shows.

arts and crafts conference 2019

14 February – 5 May 2019, Exhibition Van Gogh to Munch: Seduction and Anxiety, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

The Kiss - Original 6-color woodcut 1898The end of the 19th century gave rise in Europe to heightened anxiety about the future. This anxiety, coupled with greater exploration of sexuality and the human psyche, led to the creation of psychologically charged and complex art. Some artists, such as the Symbolist Charles-Marie Dulac, turned to Catholicism in their work to suggest a way forward; others, such as Paul Gauguin, sought deeper human truths in faraway cultures seemingly unspoiled by the progress of industrialization. This exhibition traces the development of art focused on the inner world of the human mind, from Vincent van Gogh’s penetrating portrait of his last medical doctor, Paul-Ferdinand Gachet, to a claustrophobic brothel interior by Edvard Munch.

19 January – 16 June 2019, Exhibition Art Nouveau Amphora, Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, USA.

Art Nouveau or the “New Art” emerged in the late 19th century and is recognized for the use of curvilinear forms inspired by nature and a focus on aesthetic beauty. During this period, Louis Comfort Tiffany and his studios created stained glass windows and iridescent art glass, while inTurn-Teplitz, Austria (now the Czech Republic), the manufacturer Riessner, Stellmacher and Kessel (RSt&K), later called Amphora, produced distinctive art pottery. Amphora’s elaborate creations ranged from the elegant to the bizarre and often were finished with striking glazes and gold accents. Some artisans sculpted beautiful women and mythical beasts, while others decorated vessels with images of beautiful women.

Amphora Pottery Teplitz

19 December 2018 – 22 April 2019, Exhibition Koloman Moser – Universal Artist between Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann, MAK, Vienna, Austria.

To commemorate the centennial of his death, the MAK is honoring Koloman Moser (1868–1918) with one of the most comprehensive solo shows to date on his great and visionary work. The exhibition delves deep into the oeuvre of this exceptional artist and demonstrates just how instrumental Moser was in influencing the search for a new, modern design vocabulary in fin-de-siècle Vienna.  This is the first time that many of the 500 or so exhibits, largely taken from the MAK Collection, have been made accessible to the public. Structured chronologically and divided into five chapters, the MAK exhibition recalls every step of Moser’s unusual career: from painter to all-round designer and finally back to painting.


18 December 2018 – 1 December 2019, Exhibition Chris Lebeau – Flora & Fauna, TextielMuseum, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

From peacocks to ibis, from dandelion to maple tree: at the exhibition ‘Chris Lebeau I Flora and Fauna’ you experience the plant and animal world as decorative artist Chris Lebeau (1878-1945) created it. With nature as his source of inspiration, he designed beautiful and innovative patterns for textiles in the art nouveau style. He knew how to catch a large variety of natural motives in stunningly styled designs for damask, batik, and velours. Even today, they are true eye-catchers. The versatility of Lebeau as a ‘textile artist’ is the focal point of the exhibition. Historic sample books are presented in order to illustrate how the designer learned how to stylise natural motives and translate them into ornament prints.

Chris_Lebeau -Exhibition_Flora_Fauna_2019_Textielmuseum

9 December 2018 – 1 april 2019, Exhibition Freemason Alfons Mucha, Dačický House, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.

The Czech Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha became famous thanks to his series of large canvass paintings rendering important events in the history of the Czechs and Slaves, The Slav Epic. It is not however generally known that Alfons Mucha was a co-founder of the first Czech speaking lodge of freemasons, “Jan Amos Komenský“. He was regarded as the highest representative of the Czechoslovak freemasons of the First Republic. It is the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the first Czech Lodge of Freemasons that was an incentive for the realization of this exhibition. Masons regarded the lodges as a means of building a free and democratic republic. The exhibition will reveal the secrets of freemasons and, at the same time, show the unknown aspects of Alfons Mucha’s life.


MKK_Jugendstil_Juergen-Spiler_Rausch_der_Schönheit_Die_Kunst_des_Jugendstils8 December 2018 – 23 June 2019, Exhibition Rausch der Schönheit. Die Kunst des Jugendstils (Intoxication of beauty. The Art of Art Nouveau), Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte MKK, Dordtmund, Germany.

Based on its own collection, the exhibition intends to present the Art Nouveau in its diversity, but also to show the upheavals of the time and pose the question of today’s significance. 

7 December 2018 – 3 March 2019, Exhibition Kachō-ga. The Poetry of Japanese Nature, Japanmuseum Siebolt Huis, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Never before has an exhibition on Kachō-ga -one of the most important genres in the Japanese art world- been held in the Netherlands. This ‘must see’ exhibition for Japanese art lovers includes imposing works such as woodblock prints, decorative screens, scrolls and photographs on loan from private and public collections.


23 November 2018 – 3 March 2019, Sarah Bernhardt’s World Exhibition, Mucha Museum, Osaka, Japan.


erik-magnussen-anhanger-pillendreher-Simply_Danish14 November 2018 – 3 March 2019, Exhibition Simply Danish, Silver Jewellery of the 20th Century, Bröhan-Museum, Berlin, Germany.

The exhibition “Simply Danish” presents the collection of the Berlin couple Marion and Jörg Schwandt with around 170 works of silver jewelry by 48 Danish artists, including icons like Georg Jensen and Mogens Ballin. The collection provides an overview of the various currents of Danish jewellery design in the twentieth century. The spectrum reaches from floral belt buckles in an art nouveau style, constructivistic works from the 1930s, to typically organic shapes from the 1950s. 


27 October 2018 – 17 March 2019, Exhibition Polish Fin de Siècle Art – Młoda Polska, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The exhibition contributes to changing the writing of art history for the period around the turn of century 1900, which in the Nordic countries, as in the rest of Western world, is strongly focused on the art scene in Paris. Młoda Polska gives examples of similar waves of moving to Paris and then back to the home country again, but also other patterns and relations with Munich, England, Italy, and Saint Petersburg. In the context of the outstanding collection of Nordic Fin de Siècle art at Gothenburg Museum of Art, the exhibition shows art created in other parts of Europe at the same time period, and thus offers a complimentary view.

In a broader perspective, the exhibition reflects the changes in Europe. The artists were born in countries like Congress Poland, Prussia, Schleswig, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and died in Poland, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union. Movements across national borders and the redrawing of the map of Europe are themes that characterize both the turn of the century 1900, as well as the present age.

 20 October 2018 – 19 May 2019, Exhibition Spellbound by Japan. Louis Couperus and the Cord of Redemption. Couperus Museum, The Hague, The Netherlands.

in de ban van japan - louis couperus en het snoer der ontferming 2019Couperus’s two last books: Nippon (1924) and Het snoer de ontferming en Japansche legenden, 1925 (The Cord of Redemption and Japanese Legends) were the result of a trip, commissioned by a Dutch weekly, Haagsche Post, in 1921-1922, through the Dutch East Indies and Japan. The first book consists of a series of travelling letters, the latter is a literary elaboration of Couperus’s trip. Nippon has been translated into English (in 1926). A Japanese translation, by Yumiko Unimoro, is in the making. The current exhibition in the Louis Couperus Museum is inspired by the new edition of Het snoer der ontferming by dr H.T.M. van Vliet (see picture). It focusses on all the sources Couperus used: Japanese prints by famous artists such as Utamaro, Hirosighe, Motonobu and Hokusai as well as Japanese traveling guides, art books and reports by famous visitors to Japan such as Basil Chamberlain and Lafcadio Hearn.


20 Oct 2018 – 26 May 2019, Exhibition Biscuits van Theo Colenbrander, Museum Gouda, Gouda, The Netherlands. 

De veelzijdige vormgever Theo Colenbrander (1841-1930) wordt gezien als de grondlegger van de art nouveau in Nederland. Aan het einde van zijn lange carrière werkte hij kortstondig voor Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland in Gouda (1912-1913) en trad hij vervolgens in dienst van Plateelbakkerij Ram in Arnhem (1913-1928). In deze periode maakte Colenbrander een groot aantal modellen in biscuit waarop hij met potlood en waterverf uiteenlopende decors aanbracht. Deze modellen dienden als voorbeeld voor de plateelschilders. Hij gaf ze stuk voor stuk een naam, variërend van ‘aardbei’, ‘kantwerk’ of ‘krachtig’ tot aan ‘draaiing’, ‘bruisend’ of ’warrig’. Een aantal van deze bijzondere modellen is nu te zien in Museum Gouda. De geëxposeerde biscuits zijn door Colenbrander zelf van een decor voorzien, inclusief de nodige aanwijzingen waar het de kleuren betreft. Ze bieden een bijzonder inkijkje in de wereld van de ontwerper en de vervaardiging van plateel in Gouda en Arnhem.

18 October 2018 – 17 February 2019, Exhibition Egon Schiele – Pathways to a Collection, Orangery, Lower Belvedere, Vienna, Austria.

2018 is the centenary of Egon Schiele’s death. Marking this occasion, the Belvedere is showing its collection of Schiele paintings with highlights including Eduard Kosmack, Façade of a House, Death and Maiden, Embrace, and Four Trees. Visitors can look forward to an outstanding presentation shedding light on the full extent of the Schiele collection once housed at the Belvedere. The exhibition places a focus on the collection’s history. Curator Kerstin Jesse will answer questions about the works’ acquisition, their subject matter, and the people they portray. Preliminary studies and sketches will also be included. The Belvedere conservation department has been researching Egon Schiele’s works and his painting techniques since 2016 and their findings will be presented in the show. The exhibition presents an opportunity to gain an insight into the artist’s working methods while also offering a fascinating glimpse of his works’ pathways into the museum’s collection.


16 October 2018 – 27 September 2020, Exhibition Earth into Art—The Flowering of American Art Pottery, Morse Museum of American Art, Winter Park, Florida, USA.

American Art Pottery was in peak demand from roughly 1876 to 1915. Sharing many of the values of the international Arts and Crafts movement—which was a response to industrialization and mass production—these ceramic artists sought a return to work by hand, dignity of labor, and unity of design. Their work, merging the fine and decorative arts, incorporated the avant-garde brushstrokes of French Impressionists, the exoticism of Asian motifs like bamboo, realistic representations of plants and flowers, and, paying homage to a proud heritage, portraits of Native American leaders.

8 October 2018 – spring 2020, Exhibition Tiffany’s Iridescence: Glass in Rainbow Hues (The Neustadt Collection), Queens Museum, New York, NY, USA.

The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass will mount a special focus exhibition this fall exploring Louis C. Tiffany’s groundbreaking achievements in iridescent art glass. The exhibition will explore the science and artistry behind Tiffany’s iridescent sheet and blown glass.


20 September 2018 – 10 June 2019, Exhibition What to do with the facade of the Hotel Aubecq, one of Victor Horta’s finest achievements, Kanal – Centre Pompidou, Brussel, Belgium.

Hôtel Aubecq is one of Victor Horta’s finest achievements. It was sold in 1948 with all its furniture, which had also been designed by Horta, to private buyers interested in property development. The furniture would later be resold, ending up scattered in public and private collections. Informed of the building’s forthcoming demolition, the Minister of Public Works released funds so that part of the façade could be dismantled and stored. This was the beginning of a long odyssey for 650 stones, shipped around on six occasions from wastelands to warehouses. In 2001 the Brussels-Capital Region was landed with these forgotten fragments, the vestiges of a prestigious heritage.

What now? Such is the question that this exhibition seeks to raise. It will also be the main theme of a series of lectures taking place in the following months at KANAL – Centre Pompidou.

What to do with the facade of the Hotel Aubecq

15 September 2018 – 3 February 2019, Exhibition William Morris – More Than Floral Wallpaper, Millesgården Museum, (Lidingö) Stockholm, Sweden.

The first exhibition in Sweden of the versatile English designer William Morris, whose ideas on craft and quality spread throughout Europe at the turn of the 20th century. Through artworks, wallpaper, fabrics and furniture the exhibition presents his life and work. It is the story of a successful businessman and manufacturer who was also a fervent socialist. Produced by Millesgården, the exhibition is a collaboration with the William Morris Gallery, the William Morris Society and Style Library in London.


Exhibition Krakow 190022 June 2018 – 7 July 2019, Exhibtion Kraków 1900, National Museum Kraków, Poland.

The exhibition ‘Kraków 1900’ tells the story of the city at the turn of the 20th century – the Krakow of the Belle Époque. The works of art on show make up a picture of the city where two radically different worlds existed side by side: that of Krakow’s conservative bourgeoisie and that of its scandalizing artists who renounced all ideals and conven-tions, which were so alive in the city. The show is enriched by examples of the fashions of the day and archival photographs of the city and its inhabitants.  

8 June 2018 – 15 Sept 2019, Exhibition An Architect’s Dream. Falconnier Glass Brick, Château de Nyon, Nyon, Switzerland. 

For the first time, the work of the Gustave Falconnier (1845-1913), who was both architect and inventor of the first blown glass brick in 1886, is studied and presented in an exceptional exhibition. His invention, noted in the world of architecture, was awarded at the Universal Exhibition of Chicago in 1893 and Paris in 1900. The famous glass brick allows the realization of the glass wall, an innovation at the time. This material with multiple applications was quickly adopted for its practical and aesthetic qualities by renowned architects, such as Hector Guimard – author of the famous metro entrances in Paris – or, later, Le Corbusier. 


8 June 2018 – 28 July 2019, Exhibition New works from the collection, Jugendstilsenteret, Ålesund, Norway. 

In 2016, Jugendstilsenteret received a unique donation from Anne Britt Lilleholm, who has collected art Nouveau artifacts for several decades. The collection consists of furniture, glassware, porcelain, silverware and high-quality textiles. The presentation of selected highlights from the Lilleholm Collection is the main part of the exhibition.

Exhibition Jugendstilsenteret, Ålesund, Norway 2018-2019

15 April 2018 – 30 January 2019, Exhibition Horta Motifs. Fabric and wallpaper in Brussels houses, Autrique House, Brussels, Belgium.

Art Nouveau was a very significant period for the creation of wallpaper and fabrics. Inside Art Nouveau buildings, both Victor Horta and his contemporaries gave meaning to the concept of total art and revolutionised the applied arts, abolishing the hierarchy between different forms of plastic art. Original motifs, complex craftwork… the exhibition restores this fragile heritage to the place it deserves in the history of forms.

28 November 2017 – 20 January 2019, Exhibition Stanisław Wyspiański (1869-1907), The National Museum, Kraków, Poland.

The National Museum in Kraków has gathered the largest and most valuable collection of works by Stanisław Wyspiański (1869-1907) – one of the most important, original and appreciated artist from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, who belongs among such artists as Klimt, Mucha and Gaudi; the exhibition comprises of about 900 works. In the year of the artist’s death, a committee was established with the aim to collect pieces representing the genius artist’s legacy at the National Museum. The majority of the pieces collected are drawings, scenographic and typographic designs, but the works also include an exquisite collection of portrays and landscapes, mostly pastels, at which Wyspiański was an absolute master, as well as a set of ornamental designs for the Franciscan Church in Kraków, the Wawel Cathedral and the Medical Association House. Apart from the above mentioned works, the exhibition will feature pieces of furniture, fabrics and other everyday objects created by Wyspiański, as well as his sculptures, graphic designs, art books and even some of the artist’s personal belongings.

Stanisław Wyspiański, Motherhood, 1905, property of the NMK

28 November 2016 – 31 December 2019, Exhibition St. Petersburg Art Nouveau, Museum of History of St. Petersburg, Peter & Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The exhibition presents architectural graphics from projects of public buildings, apartment buildings and houses, bridges, interior decoration and furniture made by famous architects and designers like Vasilyev, von Gauguin, Johansen, Lancer, Lyalevich and Ol. An addition to this section are the decorative and architectural details of buildings in St. Petersburg: glass, iron castings, and architectural ceramics. There are also sections with furniture and lighting fixtures, graphic art Nouveau and gorgeous silk dresses, shoes, bags and boas of ostrich feathers.

Art Nouveau Exhibition St. Petersburg Russia

Travelling Art Nouveau Exhibitions


Travelling Exhibition Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Making the Glasgow Style

the first exhibition in the United States not only to showcase the seminal work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868–1928) but to locate his production in relation to the larger circle of designers and craftspeople with which he shared sources, stylistic features, and patrons. The exhibition’s approximately 170 works, drawn from Glasgow’s most important public and private collections, will include iconic designs for, and work from, the city’s famous tearooms, including Mackintosh’s first high-backed chair, light-fittings and paneling sections; studies and finished works in a variety of media by talented GSA students, teachers, friends and associates such as Jessie Marion King, Ann Macbeth, and Talwin Morris; and several rarely exhibited watercolors. 

6 Oct 2019 – 20 Jan 2010, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, MD
27 Feb 2020 – 24 May 2020, tba
26 June 2020 – 27 Sep 2020, Frist Art Museum, Nashville, TN
29 Oct 2020 – 24 Jan 2021, tba
27 Feb 2021 – 23 May 2021, The Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago, IL

Travelling Exhibition Timeless Mucha – Mucha to Manga: The Magic of Line

Alongside seminal posters, drawings, book illustrations and designs, the exhibition will include artefacts from Mucha’s art collection, including Japanese prints and Chinese textiles, and interpretations of his work in fin-de-siècle Japan. It will show how his legacy influenced psychedelic rock culture in the US and the UK and Japanese Manga from the 70s to the present day. The exhibition will incorporate digital displays of manga/anime images, along with music associated with the rock posters and record jackets shown in the exhibition.

13 Jul 2019 – 29 Sep 2019, Bunkamura Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
12 Oct 2019 – 13 Jan 2020, Museum of Kyoto, Japan
25 Jan 2020 – 12 Apr 2020, Sapporo Art Museum, Japan
25 Apr 2020 – 28 Jun 2020, Nagoya City Art Museum, Japan
11 Jul 2020 – 06 Sep 2020, Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan
19 Sep 2020 – 29 Nov 2020, Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Nagano, Japan


Travelling Tiffany Exhibition

This exhibition celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of the Tiffany artworks from Chicago’s distinguished Richard H. Driehaus Collection, highlighting masterworks never before presented in a comprehensive exhibition. A celebration of beauty, this exhibition features more than 60 extraordinary objects, spanning over 30 years of Tiffany’s prolific career.

Tiffany Studios, Two Vases, 1898-1900

Feb – May 2018, Taft Museum of Art, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
23 Jun – 23 Sept 2018, Paine Art Center & Gardens, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
21 Oct 2018 – 13 Jan 2019Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, Alabama, USA
16 Feb – 19 May 2019, Figge Art Museum, Davenport, Iowa, USA
16 Jun – 8 Sept 2019, Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, Utica, NY, USA
Oct 2019 – Jan 2020Cummer Museum & Gardens, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
1 Feb 2020 – 10 May 2020, Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, Georgia, USA
Jun – Sept 2020, Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento, California, USA
Oct 2020 – Jan 2021Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Feb – Apr 2021, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Traveling Exhibition Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement

Pre-Rafaelite Exhibitions in the USAThe Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, William Morris  and his associates, and the champions of the Arts & Crafts Movement offered a radical artistic and social vision that found inspiration in the pre-industrial past and came to decisively influence visual culture in Britain and beyond. Drawn from the outstanding collection of the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Victorian Radicals will, for the first time, bring together paintings, works on paper, and decorative arts—many never shown outside the UK—to illuminate this most dynamic period of British art in an exhibition of unparalleled historical and visual richness.

Through approximately 145 objects by pioneering artists including Ford Madox Brown, Edward Burne-Jones, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and Elizabeth Siddall, among others, Victorian Radicals will represent the spectrum of avant-garde practices of the Victorian period, emphasizing the response of Britain’s first modern art movements to unfettered industrialization.

13 Oct 2018 – 6 Jan 2019Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
9 Feb 2019 – 5 May 2019Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, FL, USA
13 Jun 2019 – 8 Sep 2019Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA, USA
10 Oct 2019 – 5 Jan 2020San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, TX, US
13 Feb 2020 – 10 May 2020Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT, USA
20 Jun 2020 – 13 Sep 2020Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV, USA
29 Oct 2020 – 24 Jan 2021The Frick Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
4 Mar 2021 – 30 May 2021 – Museo de Arte de Ponce, Puerto Rico

Traveling Exhibition Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau.

The exhibition is drawn from the holdings of the Dhawan Collection, Los Angeles, which is one of the largest and finest collections of Alphonse Mucha’s work in the United States.

28 Jan 2017 – 26 Mar 2017 – Fullerton Museum Center, Fullerton, CA, USA
15 Jun 2017 – 15 Aug 2017 – The Citadelle Art Foundation, Canadian, TX, USA
15 Sep 2017 – 31 Dec 2017 – Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park, FL, USA
12 Jan 2018 – 18 Mar 2018 – The Hyde Collection, Glens Falls, NY, USA
15 Sep 2018 – 15 Dec 2018 – University Art Galleries, Texas A&M Uni, TX, USA
17 Mar 2018 – 23 Jun 2019 – Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL, USA
13 Oct 2019 – 19 Jan 2020Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, USA
8 Feb 2019 – 10 May 2020Paine Art Center & Gardens, Oshkosh, WI, USA
30 May 2020 – 22 Aug 2020 – Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Ft. Wayne, IN, USA
26 Sep 2020 – 3 Jan 2021 – Reading Public Museum, Reading, PA, USA
1 Nov 2021 -3 Jan 2022 – Appleton Art Museum, Ocala, FL, USA


Traveling Exhibition Natures of Art Nouveau.

The Natures of Art Nouveau exhibition highlights the role of nature in art and architecture across Europe at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The wiry curved lines that are typical of Art Nouveau illustrated the sensuality and vitality of nature. Plants, animals and the elements of nature intertwined in imaginative, dream-like pieces. 

The exhibition is traveling Europe and will be on display at the following cities:

  • Helsinki (Finland) 5 October 2013 – 16 February 2014
  • Alesund (Norway) 22 March 2014 – 10 May 2014
  • Riga (Latvia) 10 June 2014 – 7 September 2014
  • Barcelona (Spain) 29 November 2014 – 28 February 2015
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia) 20 January 2015 – 19 April 2015
  • Subotica (Serbia) 14 May 2015 – 14 September 2015
  • Oradea (Romania) 24 March 2016 – will remain here permanently
  • Brussel (Belgium) 3 October 2013 – 1 December 2013
  • Nancy (France) 20 December 2013 – 13 April 2014
  • Terrassa (Spain) 9 May 2014 – 13 July 2014
  • Bad Nauheim (Germany) 12 September 2014 – 26 October 2014
  • Aveiro (Portugal) 1 December 2014 – 28 February 2015
  • Milano (Italy) 26 March 2015 – 24 April 2015
  • Havana (Cuba) 3 July 2015 – 31 July 2015
  • Glasgow (Scotland) 17 October 2015 – 24 December 2015
  • Havana (Cuba) spring 2016 – will remain here permanently

10 Different Guided Tours for groups at ARAU: Brussels is Art Nouveau!

Permanent Exhibitions, some examples:

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Winter Park, Florida, USA.

The work of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933) is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the Morse Museum collection. The Museum’s Tiffany collection is broad, deep, and unique. It includes fine examples in every medium Tiffany explored, in every series of work he produced, and from every period of his life. The museum is also a treasure house of American decorative art from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, with especially rich holdings in the area known as Arts and Crafts. 

The Morse Museum Florida

Golden Age of the Zsolnay – Collection of László Gyugyi, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pécs, Hungary.

The private Zsolnay collection of Dr. László Gyugyi comprising around 600 pieces represents an unparalleled value. Its pieces date back to a 40-year period (1870-1910) that can be divided in three great parts: the periods of historicism, millennium and secession. The collection found a home in Pécs in the framework of the Pécs2010 European Capital of Culture Programme, in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, in a secession building that was reorganised for this particular aim in the former Sikorsky villa.

László Gyugyi Collection

Maison CauchieThe Cauchie House, Brussels, Belgium.

The restoration work carried out over nearly fifteen years breathed new life into the building. The first week-end of every month it is open to visitors who appreciate its message of beauty.

The successive ground floor rooms each have their own particularities and their content of symbolism. Decorative designs and furniture of the time demonstrate the manifest influence of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Glasgow School of Art). The upper storeys of the house, where there is no evidence of Paul or Lina’s talents, have been used as apartments and renovated to suit modern contemporary use. The basement, cellar, and artist workshop have been redesigned into a vast gallery to exhibit Paul and Lina Cauchie’s paintings collected by the current owners over time.

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