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The Special Mentions of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2019 were made public today by Europa Nostra and the European Commission. This year, the Awards’ Jury granted Special Mentions to 11 heritage achievements from 9 European countries taking part in the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

I am honoured (ánd proud) to announce that my Blog About Art Nouveau received one of those Special Mentions!

The Special Mentions are given to outstanding contributions to the conservation and enhancement of Europe’s cultural heritage which are particularly appreciated by the Jury but which were not included in the final selection to receive an Award.

The jury recognised my efforts and particularly appreciated my blog stating:

The “About Art Nouveau Blog” is an impressive and ambitious initiative by Olga Harmsen, to map out and comment on Art Nouveau in the Netherlands, and elsewhere in the Europe. The main aim of the blog is to raise awareness about the art movement through book reviews, lectures and cooperation with various other social media platforms. “This is an important celebration of a 20th century movement which was a pan-European phenomenon”, notes the jury, “This project reveals Art Nouveau in its many dimensions and brings it closer to an interested audience.

I wish to express my gratitude to anyone who has supported my Blog About Art Nouveau; by reading, sharing and commenting on my articles, you encourage me to continue on this endeavor to raise awareness and save our Art Nouveau heritage for the future!


European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards

The European Heritage Awards/Europa Nostra Awards were launched by the European Commission in 2002, and are supported by the Creative Europe programme. Submissions are welcomed from individuals, organisations and institutions working in any domain of heritage, including craftsmanship, conservation, research, educational and awareness programmes, architecture, volunteering projects, and local community engagement. Candidates from all over Europe can take part.

Specialist juries made up of independent experts assess the applications and select the winners in four categories:

1. Conservation

Outstanding achievements in the conservation, enhancement and adaptation to new uses of cultural heritage.

2. Research

Outstanding research projects that lead to tangible effects in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in Europe.

3. Dedicated service by individuals or organisations

Open to individuals or organisations whose contributions over a long period of time demonstrate excellence in the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in Europe.

4. Education, training and awareness-raising

Outstanding initiatives related to education, training and awareness-raising in the field of tangible and/or intangible cultural heritage, to promote and/or to contribute to the sustainable development of the environment.

On the 21th of May 2019, 25 laureates from 16 countries have been recognised for their impressive accomplishments in conservation, research, dedicated service, and education, training and awareness-raising. The winners will be honoured at the high-profile European Heritage Awards Ceremony on 29 October in Paris, during the European Heritage Congress.


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