Art Nouveau Sieraden

I’m incredibly proud to present you this collection of Art Nouveau jewellery. The collection is produced by a Dutch company that – in 1984 – took over the jewellery branch of ‘Royal Van Kempen & Begeer’. After the acquisition, it turned out that there were thousands of well-preserved original master molds in the attic, all hand-made. Because of this, an astounding treasure of historical models has been saved!

34039 Joseph Maria Olbrich Article number 34039
After a design by Henry van de Velde
Brooch* (4,5 x 4,5 cm) with Swarovski crystal
Price € 134,94 (excl. postage)
34041 Archibald Knox Article number 34041
After a design by Archibald Knox
Brooch (3,5 x 2,5 cm)
With Swarovski crystal and onyx
Price € 74,95 (excl. postage)
64502 Archibald Knox Article number 64502
After a design by Archibald Knox
Collier (3 x 3 cm)
With Swarovski crystal and onyx
Length collier 43 cm (incl. claps)
Price € 77,50 (excl. postage)
34407 Joseph Maria Olbrich Article number 34407
After a design by Joseph Maria Olbrich
Brooch* (4,5 x 3,5 cm)
Price € 108,50 (excl. postage)
35731 Georges Brunet 1895 Article number 35731
after a design by Georges Brunet 1895
Brooch* (3,2 x 4,5 cm)
With freshwater pearl
Face is sandblasted silver
(original design was ivory)
Price € 119,95 (excl. postage)
24947 Article number 24947
Pendant (2,5 x 7 cm) with freshwater pearl
Face is sandblasted silver
(Original design was ivory)
Price € 119,95 (excl. postage)
33506 Broche € 69,95 Article number 33506
After a design by Arthur Johnson Smith
Brooch (3,5 x 2,5 cm)
Face is sandblasted silver
(Original design was ivory)
Price € 69,95 (excl. postage)
35658 Broche € 54,95 Article number 35658
Brooch (3,5 x 3,5 cm)
With Swarovski crystal en freshwater pearl
Price € 54,95 (excl. postage)
70115 Oorbellen € 64,95 Article number 70115
Earrings (2 x 5 cm)
Price € 64,95 (excl. postage)
34606 Broche € 69,- Article number 34606
Brooch (4 x 2,5 cm)
With Swarovski crystals and onyx
Price € 69,- (excl. postage)
65179 Collier € 99,95 Article number 65179
Collier (4 x 3,5 cm)
With Swarovski crystals and onyx
Length collier 41 cm (incl. clasp)
Price € 99,95 (excl. postage)
25020 Hanger € 29,95 Article number 25020
Pendant (1,6 x 2,7 cm)
Celtic Cross after Archibald Knox
Price € 29,95 (excl. postage)

We are starting with a small part of the Art Nouveau collection in stock. In case you see a lovely brooch, but you prefer a ring or a necklace with that design, then chances are good that we can also deliver the ring and the necklace. Please let us know your wishes. And we’ll do everything in our power to find the perfect piece of Art Nouveau jewellery for you!

Brooches with a * have an additional eyelet at the back wich makes them suitable as pendants too!

All jewellery is made of 925 silver, and has a lifetime warranty. Applied stones are Swarovski crystals and onyx. Also freshwater pearls are used.

All prices are excluding postage. Orders can be sent by registered and/or insured mail.

You can place your order by sending an e-mail at Please inform the article number, your name and address, and how you would like your order to be sent to you. We will then send you an invoice by e-mail. As soon as your payment has been received, your order will be shipped to you. Free gift wrapping is available!