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This blog is my way of sharing with you what I learn along my ‘Journey into getting to know Art Nouveau’. I write about what I read, what museums I visit, discoveries I do. But I would also like to know what you are discovering! What exhibitions did you see, and which ones are you planning to visit? Which Art Nouveau building is your favourite one in your hometown, and what is without a doubt your number 1 Art Nouveau travel destination?

To create such an interactive platform I have set-up a Facebook page ‘About Art Nouveau’. I hope the Facebook page will be a place where also you will post pictures about your findings, share your discoveries and give us your travel tips! We could even create events to visit exhibitions together… So, please become part of this interactive platform and join me (and hopefully many others soon) on https://www.facebook.com/aboutArtNouveau. I am looking forward to hear from you!

Facebook-page About Art Nouveau

Update March 2017
What a great result for the promotion of our Art Nouveau heritage: my facebook-page About Art Nouveau has almost reached 15.000 followers! Are you one of my followers? Thank you for your support!