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Haarlemmerdijk 140, Amsterdam

Haarlemmerdijk 140, Amsterdam
© Thomas Schlijper

What an amazing discovery today! While surfing the web for information about Haarlemmerdijk 43, I found another Art Nouveau building (on-line) in the same street, realised in 2012! Can you believe that?

Haarlemmerdijk 140, Amsterdam

At Haarlemmerdijk 140, architects Klein from Wormerveer have transformed an ugly 1960s facade into this historicizing Art Nouveau facade. They used the existing masonry pilasters as a starting point. Then added 100 mm thick stone plates with Art Nouveau embossing at the height of the floors and between the pilasters, they redesigned an Art Nouveau facade, complete with tile paneled breastwork (including an Alphonse Mucha  picture) and a curvy wooden shop front. In other words: the whole shebang!

Unfortunately I did not know about this building while I was in Amsterdam, so no pictures of my own. But I have downloaded some pictures from the architects’ website. Don’t think they would mind, as my only intention is to show you what a great job they did!

From what I can find on the internet, the ground floor was merged with the bakery next door; above that are modern apartments.

Imagine what would happen if more architects started designing Art Nouveau buildings today. Imagine what would happen if more ugly facades were replaced with Art Nouveau facades? Imagine whole new residential areas designed with sheer Art Nouveau buildings! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion!

Ps. Here is another new (2007) Art Nouveau project that I had already forgotten about: Vischmarkt 25, Harderwijk.

Architektenbureau W.J. Klein b.v.
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