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“Beauty will save the world” (Dostoyevsky)

For the 3rd year in a row, the website ITALIA LIBERTY (by Andrea Speziali) is organizing a sensational photo contest. Goal of the competition is to pay homage to our amazing Art Nouveau heritage and to get more people passionate about the beauty of Art Nouveau; Art Nouveau buildings, sculptures, paintings and graphic- and applied arts.

Poster for 3rd Italian Liberty Photo Competition

In previous years, the competition only allowed entries of Italian Liberty. This year, thanks to a cooperation with some prestigious international organisations such as the Art Nouveau European Route, Magazine Coup De Fouet, Reseau Art Nouveau Network and the Victor Horta Museum it is possible to expand the horizon and allow photos of Art Nouveau from all over the world. So here’s your chance!

Whether you are a student, or a veteran, an expert or an amateur, a classroom full of students, a public or a private entity, Italian or foreign; Participation is free, and everyone is allowed to join!

This year there are 3 categories:

  1. Italian Liberty (max. 30 photos per participant)
  2. Video (max. 1 video per participant)
  3. The World Art Nouveau (max. 20 photos per participant)

On the Italian website, a Registration Form can be downloaded. Please note the address space doesn’t allow for other than Italian addresses; you should be a little creative when filling out this form. Send your form to concorso@italialiberty.it before the 31st of October 2015. You have untill the 8th of November 2015 to submit your photos / video to the same e-mail address, via wetransfer.com, Dropbox or Jumbo mail (libero.it).

Photographs must be in digital format and at the highest resolution possible. The choice of format and extension (eg: jpg, jpeg, tiff, raw) is free. Pictures can be submitted in colour, black & white or sepia; They may be processed with image editing programs, and it is not necessary that they are unpublished. Not to influence the jury, no references to the author (Name, website, logo) should be included in the photos and videos… etc. etc. The rest of the rules can be found here.

Twenty finalists will be awarded: 12 in the category Italian Liberty, 3 in the category Video and 5 in the category The World Art Nouveau.

What are you waiting for? Submit your best photos and who knows, maybe you’ll win!?!

(The photos in this post are a selection of last year’s competition)

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